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International Business

The Group established its international business as an independent business sector in 2017, making a major step forward in continuing its strategy of "Expanding from Domestic to Overseas Markets". In the spirit of the Chinese government's "Belt and Road" initiative, the Group sought collaborations across a wider-range of areas with a more open attitude by leveraging its overseas investment platform which has allow it to fully capitalise on its partnership and network to achieve win-win-results in overseas markets. It also engaged in a series of fruitful activities along the "Belt and Road" route, in areas such as Southeast Asia, South Asia, Central and Eastern Europe as well as the Middle East. This helped the Group accumulate invaluable overseas market development experience and achieve substantial progress.

Projects in Operation

Project Brief project introduction Total Investment
(RMB Million)
Europe – Poland
Novago sp. z o.o. Business portfolio includes: waste treatment, waste recycling and landfill for biogas production, production of high-calorific alternative fuel RDF (refuse-derived fuel), and biogas cogeneration, among others. 896

Novago sp. z o.o., the largest independent solid waste treatment company in Poland, was acquired by Everbright International in 2016. The acquisition marked the Group’s expansion into the waste management market in Europe. The deal was also a groundbreaking and the largest Chinese acquisition in environment industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

Project Annual Power Generation Capacity
Total Investment
(RMB Million)
Europe - Germany
German Ground Solar Energy Project 3,611,000 68

German Ground Solar Energy Project located at Schönewalde, eastern Germany, has a designed power generation capacity of 3.7 MW. Everbright International acquired the project in 2011 – its first overseas investment project and the largest ground silicon-based thin-film solar energy generation system in Germany at that time. The project has been running steadily for six years with high energy efficiency, providing long-term stable electricity to the local communities.

Project under Construction

Project Daily Waste Processing Capacity
Total Investment
(RMB Million)
Southeast Asia - Vietnam
Can Tho Waste-to-energy Project 400 314

Vietnam Can Tho Waste-to-energy Project has a designed daily waste processing capacity of 400 tonnes. It is Everbright International's first waste-to-energy project in the overseas market, and marks an important milestone in Everbright International's development in Vietnam's solid waste treatment market. The project's core equipment will adopt Everbright International's self-developed apparatus. Following the completion of construction works, it will become Vietnam's first advanced waste-to-energy project in operation.