Investor Relations
Press Release
18 Mar 2012

Everbright International's Zhenjiang Waste-to-energy Project Achieves the Highest Score in Jiangsu Provincial Assessment
Earns a Grant from the National Development and Reform Commission

Strives to Create Quality Projects
Gains Strong Recognition for its Leading Industry Position

China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") has announced that its waste-to-energy BOT project in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province ("Zhenjiang Project" or the "Project") has received a grant of RMB10,000,000 from the National Development and Reform Commission ("NDRC"). The "2012 Subsidy for the Investment in Urban Waste Water and Waste Treatment Facilities" was from the budget of the Central Government. This is the second subsidy received by the Group from the NDRC following its Changzhou Equipment Manufacturing Project. During the same month, the Project also achieved a Grade A standard with the highest score of 96 ever awarded by the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development ("HURD") of Jiangsu Province since new standards in the Jiangsu Province Operation Quality Assessment were implemented on waste-to-energy projects. These achievements recognise the Group's high-quality environmental projects by influential sectors of the community.

As the Zhenjiang Project is one of the Group's demonstration projects in China, the subsidy application received quick NDRC approval. The subsidy of RMB10,000,000 will be received in May this year, according to the "Report of 2012 Investment in Urban Waste Water and Waste Treatment Facilities Construction Projects within the Budget of the Central Government."

The Zhenjiang Project has both secured financial support from the Central Government and been acknowledged by experts. On 3 March, the HURD of Jiangsu Province invited 24 leading engineering professionals from the waste-to-energy sector to conduct a quality operations assessment on the design, construction, trial production, the management as well as the construction of the waste collection and transportation system of Zhenjiang Project. The assessment was performed by an expert panel comprising respected professors in relevant disciplines from Southeast University, as well as professionals from waste-to-energy enterprises within the province. According to the requirements of "Outline for Quality Assessment on Construction of Urban Household Waste-to-energy Projects in Jiangsu Province," the experts were divided into eight professional groups. Each group was assigned to conduct a thorough detailed inspection on the following aspects: the ash treatment, operational management, collection and transportation system, electric and thermal energy equipment, leachate treatment, turbine generator, gate furnaces and gas treatment. This expert panel offered a strong endorsement of the construction, production operation and collection and transportation system of the Project. Furthermore, the panel recommended that Everbright International be designated the leading enterprise and a model in the waste-to-energy industry in Jiangsu Province, to drive the development of the waste-to-energy sector.

Mr Chen Xiaoping, Chief Executive Officer of Everbright International, said, "Everbright International has adopted a high standard on the construction and operation of environmental protection projects. We are very pleased that the Zhenjiang Project has also gained strong support from the Government and recognition across society. This success follows our Suzhou Project, which was honoured as the 'Jiangsu Outstanding Environmental Protection Work' and described as a 'garden-like waste-to-energy plant' by CCTV. Following the Changzhou Project received the highest score in the same Assessment before they adopted the new standard, Zhenjiang Project also received the support from the government and the praise from the society, and we are very pleased about the achievements. The Group is poised to capture the outstanding opportunities created by environmental protection policies in the Twelfth Five-year Plan to create a series of first-class environmental protection projects incorporating first class quality, high standard, advanced technology and outstanding efficiency. Our efforts will be guided by the philosophy of 'Integrity, Efficiency, Pragmatism and Innovation' in order to make a greater contribution to energy conservation and emission reduction within China."