Investor Relations
Press Release
05 Sep 2014

Representatives from Yuhang District of Hangzhou Show Appreciation for Everbright International's Waste-to-energy Projects

Changzhou Waste-to-energy Project ("Changzhou Project"), owned by China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International"), is currently the only waste-to-energy project located in a residential town in China. Changzhou Project adheres to the principle that 'An Enterprise is not only a Creator of Wealth, but also the Safeguard of Environmental and Social Responsibility.' It has been committed to maintaining safe production and stable operations in compliance with discharge standards since it commenced commercial operation in November 2008, and is now a demonstration project which exists alongside the local community.

Changzhou Project is also the environmental protection education base of Changzhou. After the public incident on 10 May in Hangzhou, the municipal committee and government of Hangzhou designated Changzhou Project as the only demonstration project located in the town centre open for mandatory site visits, so as to alleviate local residents' concerns over waste-to-energy projects. As at 29 August 2014, 34 groups of visitors and a total of 1,232 people (including 790 village representatives) from all over Yuhang District in Hangzhou had visited Changzhou Project. The on-site visits successfully helped to dissipate people's doubts and misunderstandings about waste-to-energy plants, and the visitors showed great appreciation for Everbright International's operating waste-to-energy projects. After learning various details from the managing and technical staff of Changzhou Project, the representatives from Yuhang District said that citizens would not object to the construction of more waste-to-energy plants of the same standard as Changzhou Project in Yuhang District of Hangzhou.