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Press Release
13 Aug 2015

Everbright International is the First Company to Disclose Operating Projects Emission Standards & Environmental Management Information in China

Undertaking Social Responsibility to become a Pioneer in Environmental Protection

13 August, Beijing - China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") (257: HK) has released its operating projects emission standards and environmental management information. Everbright International is the first enterprise in the industry to disclose emissions data and environmental impact management information in China.

To date, Everbright International has achieved three "firsts" in terms of environmental protection standards: it was the first company to promote and adopt the EU2000 standard (DIRECTIVE 2000/76/EC) to develop waste-to-energy projects; the first to connect with local environmental protection departments to communicate real-time emission data; and the first to disclose all its emission standards and environmental management information. The aim of today's information disclosure is to take the initiative to accept social supervision, to set an example and a benchmark regarding industrial information disclosure; and to constantly improve the company's operation and management.

With regards to the implementation of flue gas emission standards, Everbright International strictly follows the Standard for Pollution Control for the Municipal Solid Waste Incineration (GB18485-2014) and the EU2000 Standard. In respect to the implementation of PCDDs testing and standards, according to national requirements, PCDDs should be tested at least once per year. Inspections at all Everbright International waste-to-energy projects are conducted twice a year on average. The water produced from the leachate treatment either complies with water quality standards allowing the use of reused water in open-type recirculating cooling water systems regulated by The Reuse of Urban Recycling Water – Water Quality Standard for Industrial Uses (GB/T 19923-2005), or as environmental impact assessment requires, once the comprehensive discharge standard of waste water standards are met, the water will be included in an urban waste water pipe network or will be reused in factories.

In relation to the standards and implementation of incineration residue, according to the Standard for Pollution Control for the Municipal Solid Waste Incineration (GB18485-2014), every project company under Everbright International engages a certified third-party institute to check the ignition loss rate of incineration residue on a monthly basis. The incineration residue is recycled to make bricks as a way of utilizing resources, and the waste water generated from cleaning the residue and the ground during this process is collected and reused after precipitation. The incineration ash is solidified using a chelating agent in order to comply with the requirements of the concession agreement and the Standard for Pollution Control for the Municipal Solid Waste Incineration (GB18485-2014). Then, it is sent to a landfill site ("Pollution Control Standards for Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Sites" (GB16889-2008)) or a hazardous waste landfill site ("Pollution Control on Hazardous Waste Landfill Standards" (GB18598-2001)).

Everbright International obtained its first waste-to-energy project in 2003 in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, as a core business sector. Now the Group has a total of 39 waste-to-energy projects in China, across Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Anhui, Zhejiang, Hainan, Hunan and Sichuan. The daily waste processing capacity will reach 34,400 tonnes following the operation commencement of all of the projects. Among them, Suzhou Waste-to-energy Project Phase I, II, III is one of the country's largest household waste-to-energy plants. It is also one of the five waste-to-energy plants to receive an AAA grade by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the PRC. Since the Group's first waste-to-energy project commenced operation in 2006, Everbright International's waste processing capacity has reached 25 million tonnes resulting in 8.5 billion kWh of on-grid electricity.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Everbright International, said, "Everbright International not only leads the industry on a corporate scale but also in the undertaking of environmental and social responsibilities. The Group has always adhered to the principle of 'An enterprise is not only the Creator of Wealth, but also the Safeguard of Environmental and Social Responsibility'. While ensuring all our business segments comply with stringent emission standards, we strive to increase the transparency of our operations. As an environmental protection enterprise that commits to responsibilities with society, the general public and the environment, we hope to set a benchmark in the industry by disclosing our emission data. In addition, we will continue to promote ecological civilization and environmental protection in joint efforts with the general public."

The disclosure of the emission standards and environmental management information of Everbright International's operating projects will be revealed in four steps. Firstly, on 13 August 2015, Everbright International's official website will publish the emission data of its 12 operating household waste-to-energy projects. The website will also show the maximum and minimum test results of various indicators of the Group's projects, including incineration gas, leachate treatment water quality, ignition loss rate of incineration residue, and stabilized fly ash. Secondly, starting from 10 September 2015, the Group will disclose the monthly test results of gas, leachate, incineration residue and ash on a monthly basis. Thirdly, the Group will disclose the daily test results of gas, leachate, incineration residue and ash on a daily basis starting from 1 July 2016. Finally, the Group will achieve its goal of disclosing online the hourly average gas emissions of its operating projects.

Going forward, benefiting from supportive government policies and public supervision and instruction, Everbright International will continue to increase its investment in environmental protection technology R&D, encourage innovation, strengthen its environmental protection business and fully commit to its social responsibility efforts as a protector of the environment. The Group will contribute to China's social transformation with its own shift in environmental protection strategy and help realize the goal of making China's sky bluer, its water clearer and its land greener in a joint effort with the public.