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30 Dec 2015

Everbright International's Overall Achievements in Waste Incineration are Certified by Experts to have Reached International Advanced Level

30 December 2015, Hong Kong - China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Company") (HKSE: 00257) is pleased to announce that its overall achievements in waste incineration have been certified by experts to have reached international advanced level, a valuable example for the waste-to-energy industry.

An expert appraisal committee organized by the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences completed a comprehensive achievement appraisal of Everbright International's projects on 29 December 2015 in Nanjing after a series of comprehensive field trips, inquiries, and discussions. The expert appraisal committee, chaired by Academician Cen Kefa of Zhejiang University, consists of professors, researchers, and senior engineers from Peking University, Tongji University, South China University of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China Urban Construction Design Institute, Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute, and Jiangsu Energy Conservation Engineering Design Institute. The committee agreed unanimously that Everbright International's achievements in technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, and operation management have reached international advanced level and formed a distinct model of entire industrial chain of waste-to-energy. The committee believes that:

In terms of the research and development of waste-to-energy technologies, Everbright International has established an integrated waste-to-energy technology system with full intellectual property rights, including a complete series of grate furnaces with capacities ranging from 300-750 tonnes per day, automated control technology, emission purification technology, and leachate treatment system, etc. The Company was granted 106 technology patents and software copyrights licenses, and has established a group of core patents related to waste-to-energy technology.

Among them, (1) the grate furnace technology is suitable for household wastes in China, achieving the localization of household waste-to-energy grate furnace technology and has reached the international standards of similar technologies.

(2) The gas purification systems operate steadily under the generators' normal operation capacities. The gas emission level can meet or achieve higher than the EU2000 Standard, and has reached an advanced international level.

(3) The high-efficiency anaerobic leachate treatment system has achieved high efficiency and low energy consumption during the leachate treatment process, and has reached a leading national level.

(4) The automated control technology has adopted several technologies including advanced dynamic setting position control, and dynamic monitoring and functional modular design, and has reached an advanced international level.

In terms of equipment manufacturing, the Company has the capability to manufacture a complete series of major waste-to-energy equipments, including incinerators, leachate treatment systems and gas emission purification equipments with excellent performance. The core products have been implemented in over 10 projects. Every technological indicators of the product have reached relevant requirement, with some of the indicators outperforming similar products from overseas.

For construction engineering, the Company has set out well-defined work procedures and set up a management system for project design, budget control, procurement management, construction management, acceptance and transfer of work, and post-construction technological support. By adopting a management model that breaks down the construction into different stages, the Company successfully carried forward project construction works and managed to complete waste-to-energy projects in one phase.

For operation management, Everbright International has a well-established management system in place. The Company is the first in the industry to disclose comprehensive information, taking the initiative to accept supervision by the government, society and general public.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Everbright International, said, "The Company is the first to obtain this certification in China. This is another important testament to the Company's all-round achievements in waste incineration, following the ISO9001 Quality Certificate awarded to our furnace products and the European Union's CE Mark for our self-developed grate furnace products series. These credentials not only show that Everbright International's key achievements in delivering professional, high quality and effective waste-to-energy solutions have been widely recognized and acknowledged by industry organisations, professionals and scholars, but they also serve as a source of encouragement and motivation to the Company. At the same time, this also represents a major accomplishment in the environmental protection sector. To align with the constant changes in society and technological advancement, even a market leader has to seek continuous progress to keep ahead of time. Everbright International will go from strength to strength and uphold a strong sense of environmental responsibility to overcome the competition and challenges in the broader market."