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08 Aug 2017

Everbright Water Secures Jiangyin Chengxi Waste Water Treatment Project Phase III

Singapore, 8 August 2017 – China Everbright Water Limited ("Everbright Water" or the "Company", SGX: U9E) (中国光大水务有限公司), an environmental protection company focusing on water environment management, announced today that the Company has signed a supplemental agreement to the concession agreement with Jiangyin Lingang Economic Development Zone of Jiangsu Province ("Lingang Development Zone") to secure Jiangsu Jiangyin Chengxi Waste Water Treatment Project ("Jiangyin Chengxi Project") Phase III.

According to the supplemental agreement, the Jiangyin Chengxi Project Phase III will be invested in, constructed and operated based on the BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model, with a total investment of approximately RMB161 million (including a 5.6 kilometre waste water pipeline network and a pump station). The project has a concession period of 30 years and a daily designed treatment capacity of 30,000m3. Its service area includes the Shengang, Ligang and Xiagang areas in the Lingang Development Zone. The treated water from the Jiangyin Chengxi Project will comply with the national Grade 1A standard according to the Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002). Upon completion of the construction, the total daily treatment capacity of the Company's waste water treatment projects in Jiangyin will increase to 220,000m3.

In addition, Everbright Water signed an investment cooperation agreement with the management committee of Lingang Development Zone. Pursuant to this agreement, the Company will increase investment in the Lingang Development Zone to address its water environment management needs and further support the development zone's growth. Both parties will implement projects in accordance with the relevant laws and rules, as and when such projects mature.

Mr. An Xuesong, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Everbright Water, said, "Jiangsu province recently issued the 'Comprehensive Working Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction for the 13th Five-Year Period of Jiangsu Province'. It proposed various water environment management measures, such as to upgrade water treatment plants in industrial cluster areas to improve the environmental infrastructure standards, to increase efforts in constructing waste water collection pipeline network and to improve the urban waste water treatment rate. The Company will seize this opportunity to actively explore deeper collaborations with the local governments to further improve the treatment capabilities of waste water treatment plants in the Jiangsu area. On the other hand, we will continue to promote technological advancements, optimise project management skills and enhance the Company's core competitiveness."