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07 Sep 2017

Everbright Greentech Secures Two Biomass Projects and a Hazardous Waste Treatment Project

7 September 2017, Hong Kong - China Everbright Greentech Limited ("Everbright Greentech" or the "Company") (HKSE: 01257) is pleased to announce that the Company has secured three projects with total investment amounting to approximately RMB910 million. The new projects include Huaiyuan Integrated Biomass and Waste-to-energy Project ("Huaiyuan Integrated Project") (Waste-to-energy), Guoyang Biomass Electricity and Heat Cogeneration Project ("Guoyang Project") in Anhui Province, and Guanyun Hazardous Waste Landfill Project Phase II ("Guanyun Project Phase II") in Jiangsu Province.

Huaiyuan Integrated Project (Waste-to-energy) will command a total investment of approximately RMB410 million. Of which, investment into the facilities, including the cleaning, collection and transportation of household waste, will amount to approximately RMB199 million, while the investment into the waste-to-energy plant will be approximately RMB211 million. The project is designed with a daily household waste processing capacity of 400 tonnes, with its gas emissions fully complying with the Euro 2010 Standard. The project will be constructed on a BOO (build-operate-own) model, with a concession period of 30 years. Upon completion of the construction works, the project will be able to form a synergy effect with Huaiyuan Integrated Project (Biomass), which is already in operation. The synergy will bring down construction and operation costs by sharing the same management team, office systems and other facilities that are currently in use between the two projects.

Guoyang Project will command a total investment of approximately RMB324 million, and will be constructed on a BOO model. With an annual designed biomass material processing capacity of 300,000 tonnes, the project is expected to generate approximately 200,000,000 kWh of green electricity annually. Moreover, the project will provide central heating services for enterprises in the Guoyang Industrial Park.

Guanyun Project Phase II will be constructed and operated as a rigid structure waste landfill project. The total investment will be approximately RMB176 million, and the project will be constructed on a BOO model, with a designed storage capacity of 28,000 m³ and an annual designed processing capacity of 10,000 tonnes.

Mr. Qian Xiaodong, CEO of Everbright Greentech, said, "The signing of Huaiyuan Integrated Project (Waste-to-energy) and Guoyang Project not only timely responds to the ‘13th Five-Year' special plan on renewable energy development in Anhui Province, but has also further cemented the Company's strong position in the province."

Mr. Qian Xiaodong added, "Guanyun Project Phase II is Everbright Greentech's second rigid structure waste landfill project, the Company will fully utilise advanced technologies on industrial waste disposal. Also, the project is the 17th hazardous waste treatment project that has been secured by the Company in Jiangsu Province, reflecting Everbright Greentech's status and competitiveness in Jiangsu's environmental protection sector."