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01 Nov 2017

Promoting International Exchange and Supporting Green Development
Everbright International Attended 2017 World Export Development Forum

1 November 2017, Hong Kong – Mr. Chen Xiaoping, CEO of China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") (HKSE: 00257), and Mr. Qian Xiaodong, CEO of China Everbright Greentech Limited (HKSE: 01257), were recently invited to attend the 2017 World Export Development Forum. As a keynote speaker at the "Green Means Business" panel (the "Panel"), Mr. Chen Xiaoping shared his insights on the green development progress in China and introduced the rapid development of Everbright International in the waste-to-energy sector. His philosophy of sustainable development and the Group's outstanding business practices became highlights of the panel discussion.

"Trade – A Force for Good: Include, Innovate, Integrate" was the theme of the 2017 World Export Development Forum. The participants at the forum shared their insights and exchanged ideas on topical issues including the business model of green development, ways to achieve innovative development, and opportunities arisen from regional development opportunities such as the "One Belt, One Road" initiative. Mr. Chen Xiaoping and Mr. Qian Xiaodong, along with policymakers, entrepreneurs and representatives from investment institutions across the globe, spoke on the Panel. They discussed business models, philosophy and trends surrounding sustainable development in their countries, and explored business strategies to promote green development. Everbright International also exchanged ideas on business cooperation opportunities with representatives from different countries during the forum, laying a good foundation for the Group to advance its partnership with global counterparts.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping said, "Green is the colour of life, which represents our hope for and pursuit of a wonderful life. As far as green development is concerned, countries around the world form a union of fate, which makes them closely related and mutually dependent. As global industrialisation and urbanisation have accelerated, our environment has been overburdened by increasingly serious environmental problems. Accordingly, promoting green development has become a trend of the times, as well as the inescapable responsibility of corporate citizens who are also participants in social development. As a leading player in China's solid waste industry, Everbright International has always adhered to its core values of 'An enterprise is not only the Creator of Wealth, but also the Safeguard of Environmental and Social Responsibility'. Through approximately 15 years of development and effort, we have become the first solid waste treatment enterprise in the domestic environmental protection industry to achieve more than RMB10 billion in annual revenue. Additionally, we have been committed to making effort and contribution to various aspects of environmental protection, such as environmental management, energy conservation, emissions reduction and waste recycling. Having led the development of the United Nations' PPP (Public-Private-Partnership) standards on waste-to-energy projects, and taken part in the development of the World Bank's guidelines for waste-to-6energy projects, Everbright International is willing to share its technological advantages and management experience in relevant areas with developing countries and emerging markets across the world. The Group looks forward to forging ahead through cooperation with other peers all over the world to facilitate green development and create a bright future for mankind!"

About The World Export Development Forum

The World Export Development Forum is organised by the International Trade Centre, the only United Nations organisation with an exclusive focus on helping small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) go global. Over the past 17 years, the forum has been dedicated to providing an international platform to support trade-led development. It allows policymakers, trade and investment support institutions, and business leaders to gain a practical understanding of trade competitiveness and to help establish potential trade partnerships.

About The International Trade Centre

Established in 1964, the International Trade Centre is the joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation. It is fully dedicated to supporting the internationalisation of SMEs. In particular, it enables SMEs in developing and transition economies to become more competitive and connect to international markets for trade and investment, thus making a contribution towards achieving the United Nations Global Goals.