Investor Relations
Press Release
29 Nov 2017

Everbright International's Project Construction Progressing Steadily
Multiple Projects Commence Construction or Operation in Succession

29 November 2017, Hong Kong – China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") (HKSE: 00257) is pleased to announce that the Group's project construction works are progressing steadily, and multiple projects have recently commenced construction or operation.

In the environmental energy sector, five waste-to-energy projects completed construction and commenced operation, namely Wuxi Xidong Waste-to-energy Project in Jiangsu Province, Ju County Waste-to-energy Project Phase I and Zoucheng Waste-to-energy Project Phase I in Shandong Province, as well as Lankao Waste-to-energy Project Phase I and Xinzheng Waste-to-energy Project Phase I in Henan Province. These projects have a total designed daily household waste treatment capacity of 4,600 tonnes and are expected to generate total annual green electricity of approximately 528 million kWh, with gas emissions fully complying with the Euro 2010 Standard. In addition, three waste-to-energy projects commenced construction, including Haiyan Waste-to-energy Project Phase I and Quzhou Waste-to-energy Project in Zhejiang Province, and Shenyang Daxin Waste-to-energy Project in Liaoning Province. These three projects have a total designed daily household waste treatment capacity of 5,300 tonnes and are expected to generate annual green electricity of 513 million kWh in total.

As for Environmental Water sector, the Group's first water supply project, Shandong Ji'nan Zhangqiu Urban-Rural Integration Water Supply Project, started its first construction work, marking a good start for the upcoming constructions of sub-projects. Meanwhile, Ji'nan Huashan Waste Water Treatment Project and Ju County Chengbei Waste Water Treatment Project Upgrading also commenced construction in succession with good working process.

With regard to Greentech, Huaiyuan Integrated Biomass and Waste-to-energy Project (Waste-to-energy) in Anhui Province, and Linshu Hazardous Waste Treatment Project in Shandong Province commenced construction. In addition, Jiangsu Rugao Biomass Direct Combustion Project recently successfully passed its "72+24" hours trial run and formally commenced operation, marking the commenced operation of the Group's first biomass direct combustion project equipped with circulating fluidised bed boiler.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Everbright International said, "Going into the fourth quarter, Everbright International has continued its track record of accelerating the progress of its projects seen in the first three quarters of the year. Multiple environmental protection projects under different business sectors have smoothly finished preparatory work and started construction, with some projects having commenced operation as scheduled. All these results are closely related to the principle of 'First Class Quality, High Standard, Advanced Technology and Outstanding Efficiency' that was applied by the project teams in their daily preparatory and construction works. The smooth pace of the projects also facilities a steady advancement to our environmental service capacities. Looking forward, the Group will commit to launching a new round of environmental protection benchmark projects and ensure safe, smooth operations as part of our continued contributions towards improving living conditions for local residents, as well as creating more green space for the ecological environment."