Investor Relations
Press Release
12 Apr 2019

Everbright Greentech Secures Heilongjiang Daqing Solid Waste Integrated Treatment Project,
Foraying into Environmental Protection Market in Heilongjiang Province

12 April 2019, Hong Kong – China Everbright Greentech Limited ("Everbright Greentech" or the "Company") (HKSE: 01257) is pleased to announce that the Company has recently secured Heilongjiang Daqing Solid Waste Integrated Treatment Project ("Daqing Project") Phase I, with an investment of approximately RMB433 million.

Daqing Project will be developed in two phases. Phase I of the project is designed with an annual hazardous waste incineration processing capacity of 30,000 tonnes and an annual hazardous waste integrated utilisation capacity of 50,000 tonnes. Daqing Project Phase II is designed with an annual oil sludge integrated treatment capacity of 200,000 tonnes. Located in the Hongwei Industrial Park of Daqing City, the project will be mainly responsible for the collection and treatment of hazardous waste in the city and its surrounding areas.

Daqing Project Phase I is Everbright Greentech's first environmental protection project in Heilongjiang Province, marking a breakthrough of the Company in expanding its geographic market and further cementing its industry position. Daqing City, known as "A City with over hundreds of natural lakes and green petrochemical industry", boasts China's largest oil field: the Daqing Oil Field, which leads to robust demand for hazardous waste treatment in the local area. The launch of Daqing Project Phase I will effectively solve issues relating to hazardous waste treatment faced by the city, provide high-quality ancillary industry facilities for the city's high-tech development zone to attract more investment, and also strongly support the development of the pillar industries in the city.

Mr. Wang Tianyi, CEO of China Everbright International Limited and Chairman of Everbright Greentech, said, "Everbright Greentech has recently recorded a number of significant achievements in market expansion. Daqing Project Phase I also marks Everbright International's first environmental protection project in Heilongjiang Province. We believe that Everbright Greentech will merit the trust, fully leverage on its advantages and experience in construction, operation and management, and adhere to its first-class design, construction and management philosophies, so as to make sure the project is equipped with advanced techniques and technologies, as well as strictly complies with relevant emissions standards, in a bid to safeguard the green and sustainable development of Daqing City, which is honored as the ‘National Civilised City' and the ‘National Garden City'."