Corporate Updates
04 Apr 2020

China Everbright Group leaders, Including Li Xiaopeng and Wu Lijun, Express Gratitude to Overseas Employees of Everbright International's Can Tho Project through Webcast

On 2 April, the leaders of China Everbright Group (the "Group"), including Chairman Li Xiaopeng, General Manager Wu Lijun and Deputy General Manager Cai Yunge, expressed their solicitude for the Group's overseas employees, including those of Everbright International's Can Tho Project in Vietnam, through a webcast. Wang Tianyi, CEO of Everbright International, also attended the webcast activity.

On behalf of the Group, Chairman Li Xiaopeng extended his regards to the overseas employees. He noted that the containment of the coronavirus across China has made gradual progress with the resumption of production picking up pace. China's combat against COVID-19 has served as an example for other countries around the world. Since the outbreak of the virus, the Group's overseas employees have been committed to their responsibilities in the spirit of patriotism, making positive contributions to the prevention of COVID-19 in China, as well as remaining committed to the Group's business development. These are demonstrated by the achievement of three goals, development from two perspectives and success as a whole. Specifically, the achievement of three goals refer to the Group's overseas branches making continuous efforts to ensure the safety of their employees, customers and production; the development from two perspectives refers to the synchronous growth of the Group's business and projects on the back of the overseas employees' commitment and diligence; and the success as a whole means that the Group has established a good image, thanks to its overseas employees' concerns for their home country, compliance with local regulations and efforts to expand the business during the outbreak. Li Xiaopeng hoped that the staff would continue taking a two-pronged approach by focusing on both the outbreak control and business expansion, while abiding by local guidelines on epidemic control and making sure business targets are fulfilled, in order to help boost local economic and social development, as well as accomplish the Group's strategic goals.

General Manage Wu Lijun noted that the Group has been highly concerned about the epidemic control of its overseas affiliates. The Group's Outbreak Control Work Steering team has stayed abreast of the prevention and control data of all the affiliates overseas and led them to do well in relevant tasks. To date, the Group's overseas affiliates have made positive achievements in outbreak control overall. However, given the challenging situation overseas, all affiliates should continue properly carrying out work related to epidemic prevention and control, strictly put into practice local guidelines and urge their employees to well protect themselves while enhancing prevention and control measures in offices and arranging for production and operations in an orderly manner. The Group will fully support its affiliates' coronavirus prevention and operations, ensuring their safety amid COVID-19 prevention and manufacturing.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright Limited") has fully implemented the Group's "Four, Three, Three, Two" initiatives and placed strict requirements on overseas projects in terms of epidemic control and production to ensure the health and safety for all staff. Everbright International has taken full responsibility as a state-owned enterprise and created a safe urban environment during the epidemic period. As the overseas representative of Everbright International, Can Tho Waste-to-energy ("Can Tho Project") has been adhering to the local government's requirements, implementing epidemic control demands of China Everbright Group and Everbright International, proactively adopting relevant measures and ensured normal production. Currently, all 122 staff are in good health at Can Tho Project. As some Chinese staff were not able to resume work due to flight controls, the project insisted on "control with production, quarantine with work". On the one hand, staff on duty took responsibilities and were dedicated themselves to undertaking more duties. On the other hand, the Vietnamese staff were arranged to work around the vacancies, in order to ensure normal and smooth operation.

Green mountains bear the wind and rain together, and we shall fight against the epidemic together. Until now, Can Tho Project has been operating for 330 days in a row and has always maintained safe production and complies with emission standards. Under the care and guidance of the Group's management, Everbright International will unite together to fight against the epidemic, build up its green benchmark project in the Mekong Delta region, and showcase the excellence of the Chinese corporate image along the "Belt and Road".