Corporate Updates
07 Apr 2020

CEI Weekly News Update(29 March - 4 April 2020)

Corporate Updates

1. China Everbright Group leaders, Including Li Xiaopeng and Wu Lijun, Express Gratitude to Overseas Employees of Everbright International Can Tho Project through Webcast

On 2 April, the leaders of China Everbright Group (the "Group"), including Chairman Li Xiaopeng, General Manager Wu Lijun and Deputy General Manager Cai Yunge, expressed their solicitude for the Group's overseas employees, including those of Everbright International Can Tho Project in Vietnam, through a webcast. Wang Tianyi, CEO of Everbright International, also attended the webcast activity.

Chairman Li Xiaopeng noted that the containment of the coronavirus across China has made gradual progress with the resumption of production picking up pace. Since the outbreak of the virus, the Group's overseas employees have been committed to their responsibilities in the spirit of patriotism, making positive contributions to the prevention of COVID-19 in China, as well as remaining committed to the Group's business development. He hoped that the staff would continue taking a two-pronged approach by focusing on both the outbreak control and business expansion, while abiding by local guidelines on epidemic control and making sure business targets are fulfilled, in order to help boost local economic and social development, as well as accomplish the Group's strategic goals.

General Manage Wu Lijun noted that the Group has been highly concerned about the epidemic control of its overseas affiliates. To date, the Group's overseas affiliates have made positive achievements in outbreak control overall. However, given the challenging situation overseas, all affiliates should continue properly carrying out work related to epidemic prevention and control, strictly put into practice local guidelines and urge their employees to well protect themselves while enhancing prevention and control measures in offices and arranging for production and operations in an orderly manner. The Group will fully support its affiliates' coronavirus prevention and operations, ensuring their safety amid COVID-19 prevention and manufacturing.

As the overseas representative of Everbright International, Can Tho Waste-to-energy Project strictly follow relevant requirements of the local government authorities, and carry out epidemic control measures set by the Group and Everbright International. The project has been proactively adopting various epidemic control measures, while ensuring smooth daily operation. It has been operating for 330 days in a row and has maintained safe production and complies with emission standards.

2. Everbright International Holds Teleconference to Coordinate Tasks for Xinhua Waste-to-energy Project in Hunan Province

Mr. Wang Tianyi, CEO of Everbright International, recently held a teleconference to coordinate tasks for the Company's Xinhua Waste-to-Energy Project ("Xinhua Project"). During the meeting, the management of the Company discussed construction work of the project and relevant poverty alleviation initiatives to support local industries in Xinhua County.

During the teleconference, Mr. Wang Tianyi pointed out that Everbright Group pays great attention to Xinhua Project. Mr. Li Xiaopeng, Chairman of Everbright Group; Mr. Wu Lijun, General Manager; Mr. Zhu Hongbo, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors; and Mr. Cai Yunge, Chairman of the Board of Everbright International all have expressed their expectations and requirements for the development of Xinhua Project. As a backbone enterprise of Everbright Group, the Company should fully recognise its responsibility of poverty alleviation, decisively implement relevant accurate poverty alleviation requirements set by the Communist Party of China and the country, and accomplish the poverty relief tasks assigned by Everbright Group.

Mr. Wang Tianyi emphasised that Everbright International will strive to tackle all difficulties and enhance its constriction proficiency, in order to achieve the commencement of Xinhua Project's operation as soon as possible. With such a goal, the Company should develop the project with high quality and standards; fulfil its social responsibility, by proactively participating in initiatives that benefit the local government authorities and residents, such as the construction of local schools and poverty relief for the vulnerable groups; and facilitate the development of a local waste collection and transportation system, to ensure sufficient waste supply when the project construction is completed. All departments of Everbright International should work together, coordinate with each other and carry out work in an orderly manner, so as to make sure Xinhua Project will complete construction and commence operation soon to play an effective role locally.

3. Everbright Water Secures Jiangsu Lianyungang Xugou Waste Water Treatment Project Phase II

On 31 March, Everbright Water announced that the Company has secured Jiangsu Lianyungang Xugou Waste Water Treatment Project Phase II.

The project has a designed daily waste water treatment capacity of 40,000 m3. It will be invested in, constructed and operated based on a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model, with a concession period of 30 years (one-year construction period inclusive). The discharged water will comply with the national Grade 1A standard according to the Discharge Standard of Pollutants for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant (GB18918-2002).

4. Everbright International Sichuan Leshan food waste treatment project commences construction

Everbright International's Sichuan Leshan food waste treatment project commenced construction recently.

The project is invested in and constructed based on a BOT, with an investment of approximately RMB80 million. It has a designed food waste treatment capacity of 110 tonnes.

Visits and Exchanges

A Working Team Led by Vice Governor of Jiangxi Province Mr. Chen Xiaoping Visited Everbright International Yingtan Waste-to-energy Project

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, Vice Governor of Jiangxi Province, led a team to visit Everbright International Yingtan Waste-to-energy Project.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping visited the construction site of Yingtan Project and debriefed the Project Head about the progress. He commended on the project company's performance in the outbreak control and the resumption of production and work, fully recognizing Everbright International's accountability for the construction quality and management proficiency, as well as the operational standards of the project as a state-owned enterprise. He emphasized that a two-pronged approach should be maintained, i.e. focusing on both epidemic control and the resumption of production and work, to press ahead at full steam with the construction of the project without compromising safety and quality, in an effort to fulfill the goal of putting the project into operation soon.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping also said that Yingtan Project is a key project at provincial and city levels, and it is a top priority for the provincial party committee. Everbright International has been selected by Yingtan Municipal Committee and Municipal Government as the investor and operator of the project, with the construction and operation based on top international standards. It reflects the municipal committee and municipal government's highly responsible attitude and dedication towards livelihoods, environmental protection and city safety. Everbright International should fully develop its brand advantages backed by its full-chain business system and further enhance strategic cooperation with the Yingtan Government in the environmental protection sector, making Yingtan Project the first demonstration project of environmental protection, promotion and education in the province, alongside the utilization of urban waste resources.