Corporate Updates
22 Apr 2020

Everbright International Holds Working Conference for First Quarter 2020

Taking off with Full Throttle against Headwind and Forging Ahead with Trend, Towards Comprehensive Innovative Transformation and High-quality Development

In order to carry out the spirit and requirement from China Everbright Group's working conference for the first quarter of 2020, implement pandemic control and work resumption, and comprehensively promote the innovative transformation and high-quality development, China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Company") held a working conference webcast for the first quarter of 2020 on 20 April. The conference reviewed major work accomplished during the period, discussed the existing situation, and planned major work for the next phase. Mr. Wang Tianyi, CEO of Everbright International, hosted the conference and delivered a speech. Mr. Raymond Wong, CFO of Everbright International, reported the execution of the first-quarter budget. Ms. Li Chunju, Deputy General Manager of Everbright International, reported on rectification work after auditing. Deputy General Managers Mr. Hu Yanguo, Mr. Qian Xiaodong, Mr. An Xuesong and Mr. Yang Shiqiao also joined the conference.

Mr. Wang Tianyi pointed out that since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, Everbright International has been decisively following the spirit from the speeches and instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, as well as the decisions and allocations made by the country. According to the China Everbright Group's "Four-Three-Three-Two" working requirement, Everbright International has adopted a scientific approach for pandemic control, took accurate measures, and therefore achieved good results. In the first quarter, the Company effectively treated household waste and waste water, as well as enhancing the treatment and disposal of medical waste, which played an indispensable role in preventing secondary transmission of the virus. So far, the work resumption rate has reached approximately 99%, while the working places across the Company has reported zero-infected case and no serious pandemic case among over 10,000 staff located in over 100 cities. In China Everbright Group's working conference for the first quarter, Chairman Li Xiaopeng and General Manager Wu Lijun expressed their appreciation for Everbright International in terms of making advantages in environmental protection sector, which made important contributions to the Group's stable growth in the first quarter and the battle against the pandemic.

Mr. Wang Tianyi stressed that Everbright International accomplished a number of tasks for the first quarter or 2020, including carrying out pandemic prevention and control, responding to change of the national subsidy, and preventing a decline in operational results. As a result, the Company's operating results were better than expected. However, the Company should be aware that it is facing a number of key challenges and major tasks relating to fulfilling business targets, developing major business sectors, enhancing team building and expanding new business. The Company should be prepared to respond to various external changes for the year and for a longer period of time. In the next phase, the Company shall follow the spirit from the speech delivered by Chairman Li Xiaopeng and General Manager Wu Lijun at the first quarter working conference of China Everbright Group, to grasp new opportunities in the environmental protection industry and accelerate relevant work in the second quarter and the second half of the year. Key areas of work include:

First, the Company shall take regular pandemic control as a starting point to meet annual production and operation targets.

With the regular pandemic prevention and control, the Company will accelerate the resumption of work orders, promote pandemic control and carry out business operation. In the second quarter and the second half of the year, the Company will go full steam ahead to make the best of various relief measures and financial policies, forging ahead to meet the annual production and operation targets.

Second, the Company shall take national subsidy change as a starting point to plan for innovative transformation and high-quality development.

First of all, the Company will reach consensus and drive business innovation for a smooth transition amid the change of national subsidy. Secondly, it will strengthen exchanges and communications with policymakers and research institutions, in order to influence policy directions and implementation with regards to the national subsidy change. Thirdly, the Company will plan as early as possible to confirm eligibilities of existing and new projects for subsidies. Fourthly, it will try to overcome challenges in relation to transforming existing and new projects into flat-rate projects. Fifthly, the Company will accelerate the improvement of market expansion management measures, with an aim of developing its featured "Five Points in One Line" full value chain. Sixthly, it will focus on competitive edges and foster diversified development, carrying out the "Three Ups and Three Downs" approach for its traditional business sectors. Seventhly, the Company will improve its business planning and accelerate the establishment of its new business development structure that focuses on the three areas of environment, resource and energy. Eighthly, it will optimise growth by enhancing technological strength and seek growth that is driven by technological innovation.

Third, the Company shall take the total salary budget management as a starting point to enhance its human resources management proficiency.

The Company will focus on properly boosting, controlling and allocating its total salary budget. It will control the total number of employees and implement salary budget management measures, and make sure the total salary stay within the budget. Additionally, it will strengthen the daily personnel management, gradually establish a rotation mechanism for senior staff, and accelerate the development of the human resources management information system.

Fourth, the Company shall take the establishment of an information system as a starting point to improve its scientific and delicacy management proficiencies.

The Company will develop its information system and platform within schedule, and remove the shortcomings in information technology as soon as possible, with an aim to promote the empowerment of information technology, and to establish an information system that covers institutions, personnel and businesses.

Over 70 participants joined the webcast meeting, including the management of Everbright International, directors of the departments and centres of the headquarters, as well as the management of the Company's business sectors.