Corporate Updates
29 Apr 2020

Everbright International Weekly Updates (19 April – 25 April 2020)

Corporate Updates

1. Everbright International Participates in Everbright Belt and Road Green Equity Investment Fund

On 21 April 2020, Everbright International announced that the Company, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, entered into a limited partnership agreement with China Everbright Group, a controlling shareholder of the Company, and wholly-owned subsidiaries of China Everbright Limited to participate in the Everbright Belt and Road Green Equity Investment Fund.

Pursuant to the limited partnership agreement, Everbright International will contribute RMB500 million to the fund through its wholly owned subsidiary, Everbright Environmental Protection (China) Limited (as a limited partner). The contributed capital represents approximately 33% of the total capital commitments of the fund as at the date hereof. The fund will focus on ecological environmental protection and green development, as well as focus on China and markets along the "Belt and Road" route. While exploring diverse investment models, the fund will invest in enterprises relating to green environment, green energy, green manufacturing and green living, among others.

2. Everbright International Holds Working Video Teleconference for First Quarter of 2020

On 20 April 2020, Everbright International held a working video teleconference for the first quarter of 2020, which reviewed major work accomplished during the period, discussed the existing situation, and planned major work for the next phase. Mr. Wang Tianyi, CEO of Everbright International, hosted the conference and delivered a speech. Mr. Raymond Wong, CFO of Everbright International, reported the execution of the first-quarter budget. Ms. Li Chunju, Deputy General Manager of Everbright International, reported on rectification work after auditing. Deputy General Managers Mr. Hu Yanguo, Mr. Qian Xiaodong, Mr. An Xuesong and Mr. Yang Shiqiao also joined the conference.

Mr. Wang Tianyi pointed out that Everbright International accomplished a number of tasks for the first quarter or 2020, including carrying out pandemic prevention and control, responding to change of the national subsidy, and preventing a decline in operational results. As a result, the Company's operating results were better than expected. In China Everbright Group's working conference for the first quarter, Chairman Li Xiaopeng and General Manager Wu Lijun expressed their appreciation for Everbright International in terms of making advantages in environmental protection sector, which made important contributions to the Group's stable growth in the first quarter and the battle against the pandemic.

For the next stage, Mr. Wang Tianyi said that, in the next phase, Everbright International shall follow the spirit from the speech delivered by Chairman Li Xiaopeng and General Manager Wu Lijun at the first quarter working conference of China Everbright Group, to grasp new opportunities in the environmental protection industry and accelerate relevant work in the second quarter and the second half of the year, with key areas of work including: to take regular pandemic control as a starting point to meet annual production and operation targets; to take national subsidy change as a starting point to plan for innovative transformation and high-quality development; to take the total salary budget management as a starting point to enhance its human resources management proficiency; and to take the establishment of an information system as a starting point to improve its scientific and delicacy management proficiencies.

3. "Everbright International's Battle against COVID-19" Series 10 | Helping Each Other despite Oceans Apart: Everbright International Supports Poland's Battle against COVID-19

In late March, upon receiving a request for pandemic prevention supplies from Mława, a city in Poland, Mr. Wang Tianyi, CEO of Everbright International, took serious note of the request and made immediate arrangements. Mr. Hu Yanguo, Deputy General Manager, took quick actions, fully allocating resources from various parties, as well as swiftly purchasing, mobilising and delivering pandemic prevention supplies, to support the Polish government and the local people to fight against the pandemic. Within a very short period of time, Everbright International delivered nine batches of pandemic prevention supplies, with a total value of about RMB230,000, guaranteeing necessary and effective outbreak control in the local areas.

The local government and the people of Poland were very grateful for the support from Everbright International. Mr. Kowalewski, Mayor of Mława, sent a letter to the company emphasising that Mława would always treasure this friendship and that he hopes to further enhance cooperation with Everbright International when the pandemic is over. Everbright International replied and committed to providing full support for the upcoming pandemic prevention and control work in Mława, to facilitate the city to win the battle against COVID-19.

Visits and Exchanges

Mr. Song Jibao, Party Secretary of Shandong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, visits Everbright Water Ji'nan Waste Water Treatment Project

On 23 April, Mr. Song Jibao, Party Secretary of Shandong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, led a team of government officials to visit Everbright Water's Ji'nan Waste Water Treatment Project (Plant 1) to inspect the waste water treatment progress of the Xiaoqing River Basin.

Mr. Song Jibao and the other officials had a tour of the project's exhibition hall, centralised control room, biological reaction tank and effluent monitoring center, as well as other areas, to learn about the project in terms of the project investment, waste water treatment process, treatment standards, waste water pipeline network and project operation. They listened to the project representative's introduction of the project company's development and also visited the centralised control room to inspect the real-time data as shown on the monitoring screens. Mr. Song Jibao enquired about issues relating to deodorisation process during waste water treatment and the construction of eco-friendly waste water treatment plants. He strongly acknowledged Everbright Water's work on fulfilling its social responsibility and the contribution of the Ji'nan project in providing waste water treatment to the Xiaoqing River, as well as municipal waste water treatment. He pointed out that the Xiaoqing River is an important river in Shandong Province. It is necessary to further coordinate and push forward the construction of the waste water treatment pipeline network, and to improve waste water collection and treatment capacity, in order to develop comprehensive waste water collection capability and a comprehensive waste water pipeline network, with the aim to win the battle against water pollution.