News Release
18 Sep 2014

Everbright International is Committed to Social Responsibility
Actively Promotes Environmental Science Education

Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") has been a devoted player of the environmental protection industry for many years. While continuing to achieve remarkable operating results, the Group has also actively carried out its social responsibilities. The Group's environmental protection projects not only help improve local environments, but have also become the focus of local publicity and environmental protection education bases.

Suzhou Waste-to-energy Project, the Group's first waste-to-energy project, and Changzhou Waste-to-energy Project, China's only waste-to-energy project located in a residential area, have become major centers for the Group to demonstrate their environmental protection philosophy and provide education since the commencement of the projects' commercial operation. The number of visitors to the two projects has increased annually, and they include government officials, counterparts, investors, students and general public etc.. As at the end of August 2014, over 40,000 people visited these two waste-to-energy projects. Moreover, over 1,500 visitors have been to Ningbo Waste-to-energy Project and Nanjing Waste-to-energy Project which commenced operation at the beginning and middle of this year, respectively.

Opening its doors to the public and raising public awareness of environmental protection are obligatory duties for Everbright International. The increasing number of visitors to the Group's projects shows that local governments and the public are attaching more importance to environmental protection. As a leading enterprise in China's environmental protection industry, Everbright International fully devotes itself to the development of the environmental protection industry and continues to fulfill its pledged mission to society. Over the past few years, Everbright International has increased investment in scientific research and upgraded its environmental protection technology to ensure the stable operation of its projects and meet emission requirements. As a result, it has gained support from the public for its high standards of operation and strong business performance. Everbright International will maximize on its strengths and social influence to deepen communication about and raise public awareness of environmental protection. The Group will continue to promote a harmonious relationship between human beings and nature, and improve the sustainable development of the society.