News Release
06 Jul 2016

Chief of PPP Programme, UNECE Visits Nanjing Waste-to-energy project

Everbright International Receives High Recognition and is Invited to Lead Development of UN Standard on Waste-to-energy Projects

6 July 2016, Hong Kong – A delegation led by Mr. Geoffrey Hamilton, Chief of PPP Programme, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ("UNECE") visited China Everbright International Limited's ("Everbright International") (HKSE: 00257) Nanjing waste-to-energy project, offering his praise for both Everbright International and the project.

Mr. Hamilton said, "Everbright International's waste-to-energy project is the cleanest, most attractive looking and the best waste-to-energy project I have ever seen, and the Group's public-private-partnership ("PPP") model is definitely the most successful in the developing countries. We really admire the outstanding contribution made in respect to environmental protection and corporate social responsibility by Chinese enterprises such as Everbright International and its achievements over the past 13 years. We believe Everbright International has the ability to provide comprehensive one-stop solutions to improve people's life in China and even the rest of the world. In joining hands with the UNECE International PPP Centre of Excellence ("ICoE"), we believe these achievements could bring about greater sustainability across the world."

During the visit, Mr. Hamilton, on behalf of the ICoE, cordially invited Mr. Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Everbright International, to be the leader of the team responsible for developing the United Nations' ("UN") PPP standards on waste-to-energy projects, which will showcase to the rest of the world Everbright International's successful experience in implementing the PPP model in the environmental industry in developing countries.

Mr. Hamilton said, "We are very thankful that Mr. Chen Xiaoping has accepted ICoE's invitation to lead on the development of the PPP standard on waste-to-energy projects for the UN. I am confident that the international experts will warmly welcome Mr. Chen's leadership from China, to lead the team work together to develop PPP standards based on the best practise."

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Everbright International, said, "Having successfully operated a number of waste-to-energy PPP projects, Everbright International is honored to develop the PPP standard on waste-to-energy projects for the UN. We will strive to deliver high quality standards that are practical for developing countries and that support the UN's sustainable development goals."

The UNECE ICoE operates under the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. As one of the largest and most active organizations of the UN, the ICoE promotes economic, scientific and cultural cooperation between different countries to achieve sustainable development. The PPP models that the ICoE is committed to are people-oriented investment and operation models that focus on helping developing countries boost their economies while improving the quality of life of their people.