News Release
26 Mar 2019

Everbright Water Secures Jiangsu Zhenjiang Zhengrunzhou Waste Water Treatment Plant Operation and Management Project and Shandong Ji'nan Licheng Waste Water Treatment Project (Plant 3) Sludge Treatment Project

Singapore, 26 March 2019 – China Everbright Water Limited ("Everbright Water" or the "Company", SGX: U9E) (中国光大水务有限公司), an environmental protection company focusing on water environment management, is pleased to announce that the Company had recently secured Zhenjiang Zhengrunzhou Waste Water Treatment Plant ("Zhengrunzhou Water Plant") Operation and Management Project ("Zhenjiang O&M Project") in Jiangsu Province, and Sludge Treatment Project for Ji'nan Licheng Waste Water Treatment Project (Plant 3) ("Ji'nan Licheng Sludge Treatment Project") in Shandong Province.

Everbright Water entered into an operation and management agreement ("Zhenjiang O&M Agreement") with Zhenjiang Waterworks Corporation (镇江市水业总公司), which is an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the Zhenjiang People's Government (镇江市人民政府国有资产监督管理委员会). Pursuant to the agreement, Everbright Water will provide operation and management services for phase I of Zhengrunzhou Water Plant, with an initial service period of three years. Phase I of Zhengrunzhou Water Plant has a daily designed waste water treatment capacity of 125,000 m3. In 2016, Zhengrunzhou Water Plant carried out expansion works and increased its daily waste water treatment capacity by 75,000 m3. The plant also implemented upgrading works to comply with the National Grade 1A standard. Such expansion and upgrading works are sub-projects of Everbright Water's Zhenjiang Sponge City PPP (Public-private Partnership) Project.

The entry into Zhenjiang O&M Agreement enables Everbright Water to unify the operations management and improve the coordination flexibility across all treatment units and processes at Zhengrunzhou Water Plant. This will in turn improve the environmental and economic benefits of the plant. Besides, the Zhenjiang O&M Project will also help the Company enhance its capability in operation and management services and build up its experience for the asset-light business model.

Separately, Everbright Water signed an agreement with Urban and Rural Water Bureau of Ji'nan City, Shandong Province and secured Ji'nan Licheng Sludge Treatment Project. With an investment of approximately RMB37.5 million, the project has a designed daily sludge dehydration treatment capacity of 200 tonnes. The water content of sludge after dehydration will be no more than 65% of total sludge weight. The project's concession period runs concurrently with that of Ji'nan Licheng Waste Water Treatment Project (Plant 3).