News Release
23 Apr 2019

Everbright Greentech Secures First Project in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,
Continuing Achieving Breakthroughs

23 April 2019, Hong Kong – China Everbright Greentech Limited ("Everbright Greentech" or the "Company") (HKSE: 1257) is pleased to announce that the Company has recently secured Chifeng Solid Waste Landfill Project ("Chifeng Project") in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region ("Inner Mongolia"), as well as Huangshi Solid Waste Integrated Treatment Project ("Huangshi Project") in Hubei Province, with a total investment of approximately RMB723 million.

Chifeng Project commands an investment of approximately RMB224 million. The project is designed to process 50,000 tonnes of general industrial solid waste and 40,000 tonnes of hazardous waste annually, with a designed landfill storage capacity of 500,000 m3 and 800,000 m3 respectively. Located at Ningcheng County of Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia, Chifeng Project is mainly responsible for the collection and treatment of industrial waste generated from Chifeng City and its surroundings areas. The project is the first environmental protection project secured by Everbright Greentech in Inner Mongolia.

Separately, Huangshi Project commands an investment of approximately RMB499 million. The project has an annual designed hazardous waste treatment capacity of 150,000 tonnes, including a capacity of 30,000 tonnes for hazardous waste incineration, 40,000 tonnes for hazardous waste landfill, and 80,000 tonnes for the recycle of liquid waste contained valuable metal. The designed landfill storage capacity of the project is 400,000 m3. Huangshi Project will be invested in and constructed on a BOO (Build-Operate-Own) model, for an operation period of no less than 30 years.

Following the securing of its first environmental protection project in Heilongjiang Province, Everbright Greentech has made another achievement in market expansion by foraying into the environmental protection market of Inner Mongolia. This has allowed the Company to expand its business to 16 provinces and municipalities in China. With rich mineral resources, Chifeng City is known as the "City of Non-ferrous Metals in China", with a large market and urgent demand for hazardous and solid waste treatment services. Looking ahead, Everbright Greentech will fully leverage on its advantages, ensure the adoption of advanced technologies and techniques for the project, and strictly comply with relevant emissions standards, so as to contribute to the ecological and environmental protection of the local market.

Huangshi Project is Everbright Greentech’s first hazardous waste treatment project in Hubei Province. Building upon the fruitful partnerships developed from the Company’s previous project development experience in Hubei Province, Everbright Greentech has been continuously enhancing its presence in the market and has made progress accordingly. With the Company’s market influence and overall strength being further enhanced, it will gain trust from the local governments and residents in more areas, and also continue expanding its footprint to a broader region.