News Release
21 Dec 2019

Everbright International Ranked First Nine Years Running in Top 10 Influential Solid Waste Treatment Enterprises in China

On 19 December 2019, China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Company") ranked in first place among the Top 10 Influential Solid Waste Treatment Enterprises in China for 2019. This marks the Company's ninth championship in a row since 2011.

The ranking assessment took more than two months and was appraised by a professional judging panel, which consisted of industry experts, researchers, media practitioners and a team from the E20 Environmental Platform. The assessment took six major factors into account, namely market strength, investment and financing capabilities, innovation capability, brand positioning, news exposure, as well as the entrepreneur and team's management capabilities. With strong influence and credibility in the industry, the ranking spoke highly of Everbright International, due to the Company's stable growth in existing business sectors and its swift allocation into new business areas.

According to the judges' comments, Everbright International has achieved a diverse business portfolio in the solid waste sector, by leveraging on its advantages in capital strength and brand influence. With the environmental energy and greentech sectors continuing the growth momentum, the Company's waste-to-energy and hazardous waste businesses continued their expansions. By proactively implementing the "zero-waste city" concept, the Company put great efforts into developing its eco-recycling and greenergy sectors, with an aim of establishing a full-chain business regime from the source of waste to waste disposal. At the same time, according to the ranking assessment of the news coverage of the 22 shortlisted companies, Everbright International led the way in terms of its media influence.

Everbright International's nine consecutive championships at the Top 10 Influential Solid Waste Treatment Enterprises in China showcases the Company's core competitiveness in the industry, as well as the recognition granted to the Company by the whole industry. In light of this, Mr. Wang Tianyi, CEO of Everbright International, said that over 16 years of hard work, Everbright International has invested more than 380 projects in 23 provinces (municipalities) and autonomous regions across China, with a total investment surpassing RMB110 billion. The Company has also ranked a first place in the Top 50 Environmental Enterprises by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce. With more than 100 waste-to-energy projects, Everbright International has a designed daily waste processing capacity exceeding 120,000 tonnes, making it one of the world's largest waste-to-energy investors and operators. The Company's project construction and operation proficiencies have been widely praised. Additionally, Everbright International has been included as a constituent stock in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index series for four consecutive years and has won numerous accolades, including being recognised as Asia's Most Honoured Company.

Mr. Wang Tianyi pointed out that the guidance and support from China Everbright Group and the hard work of the Company's employees all contributed to the achievement of Everbright International. As the spearhead of Everbright Group's "Four-Three-Three" development strategy, Everbright International will continue adhering to the development philosophy of "Taking Quality as the Top Mission, Keeping Efficiency as the Priority, and Pursuing Growth in Business Scale", conscientiously implementing the operation philosophy of "Pursuing Excellence and Close to Zero Discharge", striving to fulfil its corporate mission of being "Devoted to Ecology and Environment for a Beautiful China", and committing to a greater development plan which integrates the environment, resources and energy, with the goal of becoming a world-leading ecological and environment group.