News Release
13 Sep 2018

Everbright International Included in Dow Jones Sustainability Index for Third Year Running
The Only Chinese Company in Emerging Markets (Ex-Taiwan) to Be Included in the Index

13 September 2018, Hong Kong – China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") (HKSE: 00257) is pleased to announce that as a result of the Group’s solid performance in sustainable development over the past year, it has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index for the third consecutive year. According to Dow Jones’ classification, Hong Kong SAR belongs to the Asia-Pacific region, while Mainland China and Taiwan belong to the emerging market category which includes Chinese companies headquartered in Hong Kong. This year, Everbright International is the only Chinese company from the emerging markets (Ex-Taiwan) to be included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices ("DJSI"). This reflects the Group’s outstanding performance in sustainable development. The latest DJSI review will be effective as of Monday, 24 September 2018.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices have been long regarded as internationally-recognised benchmarks that measure social responsibility and sustainable development. Launched in 1999, the DJSI are compiled by Dow Jones and the RobecoSAM Group, an investment specialist focused on sustainable investing, on an annual basis. Using a "best-in-class" approach, the DJSI assess the performance of the world’s leading sustainable development corporations based on economic, environmental and social criteria, and evaluate corporations’ sustainable development capabilities from an investment perspective.

Mr. Wang Tianyi, CEO of Everbright International, said, "As a leading player in China’s environmental protection industry, Asia’s largest waste-to-energy project investor and operator and a world-renowned environmental protection company, Everbright International strives to achieve its sustainable development goals through four aspects, namely green technology, green operation, green capital and green responsibility. The Group’s inclusion in DJSI this year once again reflects that its sustainable development efforts have been well recognised, and shows that the Group is in a world-leading position in the sustainable development area."

Mr. Wang Tianyi continued, "It is Everbright International’s aspiration to ‘Create More Business Value and Undertake More Social Responsibility’. Looking ahead, we will continue striving to seize opportunities and ride on the good momentum to continuously enhance the Group’s professionalism, marketisation and internationalisation. We are also committed to facilitating the development of the environmental protection cause with the Chinese characteristics and a global vision."