News Release
13 Dec 2018

Everbright Greentech Secures Four Environmental Remediation Projects

13 December 2018, Hong Kong – China Everbright Greentech Limited ("Everbright Greentech" or the "Company") (HKSE: 1257) is pleased to announce that it has recently secured four environmental remediation projects, including Tianjin Beichen Environmental Consultancy Services Project ("Tianjin Project"), Shanghai Pudong Auto Parts Factory Environmental Remediation Project ("Shanghai Project"), Jiangsu Yancheng Contaminated Site Underground Water Treatment Project ("Yancheng Project") and Jiangxi Yingtan Household Waste Landfill Operational Management Services Project ("Yingtan Project"). The total contract value of the four projects amounts to approximately RMB47.49 million.

Tianjin Project, which commands a total contract amount of RMB3.5 million, is commissioned to provide environmental consultancy services to 74 enterprises in Beichen District. Shanghai Project, which commands a total contract amount of RMB1.3 million, will mainly provide soil and underground water remediation for contaminated sites. Yancheng Project, which commands a total contract amount of RMB7.3 million, will have a daily underground water treatment capacity of 100 m3. Yingtan Project, which commands a total contract amount of RMB35.39 million, will focus on improving the operation and management of household waste landfill and provide operational guidance services with a service period of two years.

Since Everbright Greentech secured the first environmental remediation project in May this year, the Company has maintained a strong business development momentum in the environmental remediation market and its environmental remediation business is growing rapidly. At present, Everbright Greentech has already secured nine environmental remediation projects and the environmental remediation center has made steady progress. With the Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law to be implemented on 1 January 2019, it will enhance the robust development of the soil remediation industry, providing enormous development opportunities for the Company's environmental remediation business.

Looking ahead, Everbright Greentech will take a holistic, systematic and long-term perspective, not only consistently fostering the expansion of its environmental remediation business such as individual contaminated sites remediation, but also transforming into an integrated regional environment consultant through comprehensive development across different business models, making regional integrated environmental services a new growth engine for the Company.