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Corporate Governance

The Group strives to maintain a high standard of corporate governance as it believes good corporate governance practices are increasingly important for maintaining and promoting the confidence of the Shareholders. They are crucial for the development of the Group’s business and protection of the Shareholders' interests. The Group upholds the management principle of "People-oriented, Pragmatism, Creativity and Systematic Management", and through a set of rules and regulations, has continuously strengthened internal control and risk management. Furthermore, by full and timely public disclosure of information, the Group has maintained transparency and accountability which also enhanced its corporate values. The Board meets regularly and has currently 5 Board committees, namely, Audit Committee, Risk Management Committee, Nomination Committee, Remuneration Committee and Disclosure Committee. For project risk management, the Group has set up a Risk Management Advisory Committee to monitor and assess risks regularly, boost related management standards and evaluate investment projects. Regarding project technological risk management, the Group has in place an Engineering and Technology Management Committee which is responsible for assessing the technologies used in different investment projects. For project financial control, the Group insists on stringent budget management, and has set up a Budget Approval Management Committee that focuses on monitoring construction budgets. In addition, the Company has also set up Internal Audit Department and Risk Management Department to perform internal audits and risk control functions respectively to bolster the Group's management standards.