Community Engagement

We are dedicated to developing a close long-term relationship with the communities create a better living environment for people. We put great efforts in engaging with the community through volunteerism, environmental protection education, disaster relief and philanthropy. Our employees are strongly encouraged to volunteer their time and skills for community engagement activities and the company keeps providing various platforms for them to get involved.

In 2018, we held a ceremony in Nanjing and announced that it will open up as much as 77 of our environmental protection facilities from all of the Group’s business sectors for public visits in the next three years. This has made us the only environmental protection enterprise strategically supported by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the PRC in relation to the initiative of opening up environmental protection facilities to the public. In the meantime, the Group continued encouraging its projects to play the roles as hubs for environmental education, environmental science popularisation, circular economic development and industrial tourism, as well as actively participating in a number of environmental protection popularisation activities, such as World Environment Day and World Water Day to promote the most up-to-date environmental technology to the general public and raise their awareness on environmental protection.

Our project companies regularly organise site visits and study tours for students, investors, government officials, counterparts and the general public. The visits to our project sites allow the visitors to have a hands-on experience in visualising sustainability concept in real life examples of green energy generation, emissions reduction and waste water treatment. In 2018, our environmental protection projects received over 150,000 visitors from home and abroad.