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Environmental Water

China Everbright Water Limited ("Everbright Water") is a listed company on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited. As at 31 December 2017, the Group held a 74.85% stake in Everbright Water. Everbright Water has 76 municipal waste water treatment projects, 3 industrial waste water treatment projects, 1 sponge city construction project, 1 river-basin ecological restoration project, 2 water environment management projects, 1 water supply project, 5 reusable water projects, 2 waste water source heat pump projects, 2 sludge treatment and disposal projects, 87 kilometers of pipeline network and 10 pump stations, commanding a total investment of approximately RMB16.7 billion. The projects are designed to have an annual waste water treatment capacity of approximately 1.55 billion m3, provide an annual reusable water volume of 29,780,000 m3. The waste water source heat pump projects are built to offer heating and cooling services to an area of 295,000 m2. The water supply project has a designed daily water supply capacity of 370,000 m3.

Projects in Operation

Project Total Investment
(RMB Million)
Shandong Province
Zibo Sludge Treatment and Disposal Project 53
Jiangsu Province
Jiangyin Sludge Treatment and Disposal Project 15

Zibo Sludge Treatment and Disposal Project uses dehydration and incineration technologies to effectively reduce the volume of sludge and reduce the hazardous substances inside the sludge. The project has fundamentally solved the problem of sludge disposal in Zibo City.

Jiangyin Sludge Treatment and Disposal Project deploys the "sludge modification and high pressure diaphragm filtration" processes to carry out the advanced sludge dehydration treatment. The processes are able to reduce the water content of sludge from 98% to below 50%, which is followed by incineration process to ensure stabilisation, reduction, and decontamination of the sludge.

Projects in Construction