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Equipment Manufacturing

Based on the "Intelligent Manufacturing" approach, the equipment manufacturing sector takes the initiative to implement key initiatives, such as introducing talents, boosting technological capacity, launching new products, enhancing productivity and offering excellent services. As a result, the sector has seen continued improvement in its overall competitiveness in the market, as it strove to grow as a high-end equipment manufacturing supplier.

In terms of market development, in 2019, the equipment manufacturing sector signed 33 external sales contracts and sold 45 sets of equipment to external markets, including 27 sets of grate furnaces, 11 sets of gas purification systems and 7 sets of leachate systems. The total external contract sales for equipment secured by the sector amounted to RMB850 million.

In terms of equipment supply and services, in 2019, the equipment manufacturing sector launched a total of 39 service items, spanning 15 provinces and municipalities in China. The equipment manufacturing sector provided 79 sets of grate furnaces for projects of Everbright International and external customers, with an 32% increase compared with 2018. The designed daily waste processing capacity of these grate furnaces reached 39,200 tonnes, up 22% production capacity compared with 2018. Moreover, the equipment manufacturing sector sold 64 sets of grate furnaces, 59 sets of gas purification systems and 27 sets of leachate treatment systems.

In terms of after-sales service, in 2019, contributions from the after-sales market of the equipment manufacturing sector saw a further increase. Among them, a total of 87 external after-sales service contracts were signed, with a total value of RMB32.077 million, recording an increase of 17% as compared with 2018. A total of 118 after-sales service projects were provided throughout the year, amounting to an increase of 79% year-on-year, of which 67 were internal projects and 51 were external projects.

In 2019, the equipment manufacturing sector successfully self-developed a grate furnace model with a daily waste processing capacity of 1,000 tonnes with the prototype under trial run. In addition, the sector’s capability in self-developed technology for equipment manufacturing was substantially enhanced. It was able to complete 13 design optimisation projects and 20 independent design projects. A total of 3 new product development projects were also completed in the same time frame.

Furthermore, the construction of Phase III of Everbright International’s equipment manufacturing centre in Changzhou City was completed, and the centre commenced trial operation in 2019. It expanded the equipment manufacturing capacity of the Company, and provided a resilient safeguard in terms of infrastructure for more rapid development in terms of the Company’s equipment manufacturing capability.