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Equipment Manufacturing

The equipment manufacturing sector was split as an independent business sector in 2017. During the year under review, the Group transformed the equipment manufacturing sector into a more energetic and competitive brand called "Intelligent Manufacturing by Everbright International" by redeveloping its marketing structure, enhancing its engineering design capabilities, adjusting its service models and improving its supply chain management.

The Group has currently established an integrated waste-to-energy system with a full set of intellectual property rights, covering grate furnaces, gas purification systems, leachate treatment systems and automatic control systems. The Group launched a series of cutting-edge products that demonstrate its technological strengths in environmental protection equipment manufacturing in China, which shows that it not only commands a top-tier position in the domestic environmental protection industry, but has also successfully strengthened its influence in the industry abroad.

During the year under review, the Group has witnessed a remarkable growth in its R&D, manufacturing, sales, technical consultation and after-sales services of environmental protection equipment. In 2017, the Group completed the production of and commissioned 44 sets of grate furnaces, 28 sets of flue gas purification systems and 28 sets of leachate treatment systems in tandem with the construction progress of the Group's projects. In terms of external sales, through securing new customers and building good relationships with existing customers, the Group secured contracts with a total contract value of approximately RMB816 million and sold 60 entire sets of equipment, consisting of 35 sets of grate furnaces, 17 sets of flue gas purification systems and 8 sets of leachate treatment systems.

The opportunities presented by China's "Belt and Road" initiative, and favorable policies relating to high-end equipment manufacturing, have provided support for the Group's core and self-developed equipment to become the environmental protection equipment of choice in the industry, facilitating the Group to raise the profile and reputation of the "Intelligent Manufacturing by Everbright International" brand.