Our Business

The development of a modern enterprise depends on technology and innovation. With access to the high-end of the value chain and core technologies, an enterprise is able to have a vantage point for development. By adhering to its principle of driving development with technology and innovation, the Group's envirotech business sector was fully committed to enhancing its core technological competencies and scientific technologies as it entered a new phase of development, seeking to transform the Group from a traditional company into a modern high-tech enterprise.

In 2017, the envirotech complex in Nanjing was fully put into use and successfully developed into a R&D platform for the Group. Operating as a center for R&D, design, technology management and international communications, and as a display of technological achievements, the complex serves to centralise the management of two institutes, three research facilities and one center. The two institutes comprise a research institute and a design institute, while the three research facilities are the Environmental Energy Research Institute, the Environmental Water Research Institute and the Greentech Research Institute. Together with the Analysis and Testing Center, the envirotech complex makes a major contribution to research efficiency and acts as the Group's R&D hub.

In 2017, the Group became a founding member of WTERT-Asia, with an aim to push for the advancement of waste-to-energy technology and management models in Asia Pacific, and organised its Inaugural Meeting. Through the meeting's and WTERT-Asia's professional communications platforms, the Group has been able to share the virtues of its advanced technology and successful experience in relation to waste-to-energy with its peers, as well as to promote the long-term development of the waste-to-energy sector in countries in Asia-Pacific region and along the "Belt and Road" route. The Group has also benefited from the establishment of WTERT-Asia to enhance its technical knowledge and its R&D and management teams' advanced ideas, nurturing a capable talent pool with an international vision.

In 2017, the envirotech business sector launched a number of R&D projects and made significant progress in certain researches. Specifically, the standard prototype unit of the Group's self-developed 850 tonnes/day grate furnace was manufactured to meet technical standards and became ready for mass production. The standard prototype unit of the reciprocating water-cooled biomass grate furnace was designed, manufactured for trial and passed the cold test. The plasma melting system for hazardous ash treatment fulfilled the criteria for production. The optimised auto combustion control ("ACC") system for grate furnaces met its design targets and has been deployed in the Group's projects. A new corrosion-proof technology was developed to be used in the water-cooled walls and super-heaters of boilers with high parameters. In addition, waste incineration projects with high parameters were able to meet systematic operation standards. With regards to environmental water, the design and manufacturing process of low-temperature sludge drying prototype units was completed and proved to be effective during operation.