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10 Sep 2014

Everbright International Secures Sanya Sludge Treatment and Disposal Project in Hainan Province

Expands Business Field and Enhances Standards of Urban Solid Waste Treatment Market

10 September 2014, Hong Kong – China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") (HKSE: 00257) is pleased to announce that it has signed a concession agreement with Sanya Water Authority of Hainan Province and a sludge treatment service agreement with Sanya Waste Water Treatment Company, to invest in, construct and operate the sludge treatment and disposal project of Sanya waste water treatment plants ("Sanya Sludge Treatment and Disposal Project" or the "Project"). It is the second environmental protection project the Group has successfully secured in Hainan Province following its investment in Sanya Waste-to-energy Project.

Sanya Sludge Treatment and Disposal Project will have a daily treatment capacity of 100 tonnes, and will be constructed in two phases. The Project Phase I is designed to have a daily treatment capacity of 50 tonnes, commanding a total investment of approximately RMB22 million. The Project will be operated on a BOT (build-operate-transfer) basis for 25 years. It will form synergetic effect with Sanya Waste-to-energy Project, and is expected to commence commercial operation in early 2015.

Sanya Sludge Treatment and Disposal Project will be responsible for the treatment of the sludge discharged from the household waste water treatment plants within the administrative area of Sanya City. The sludge will be processed with a high pressure filtration and dehydration treatment before being transported to Sanya Waste-to-energy Plant for incineration. Currently, Sanya has six waste water treatment plants discharging 40 tonnes of sludge daily, and the discharged amount is expected to increase over the next few years due to the city's social and economic development. The Project will ensure the effective treatment of the discharged sludge and also achieved the goal of sludge decontamination, reduction and reuse so as to maximise integrated efficiency.

Mr. Chen Xiao Ping, CEO of Everbright International, said, "Following Sanya Waste-to-energy Project, the Group has successfully secured Sanya Sludge Treatment and Disposal Project, demonstrating Everbright International's strength in environmental protection technology which has been recognized by the Municipal Government of Sanya. The sludge treatment and disposal business is a new investment field and a major step in the Group's strategic development. This is the second sludge treatment and disposal project after the Jiangyin Sludge Treatment and Disposal Project; it will have a significant effect on the expansion of the Group's business investment fields, and the exploration and promotion of new business models for sludge treatment and disposal."