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05 Nov 2015

Everbright Water Boxing Waste Water Treatment Project to increase water tariff by 17.3%

Singapore, 5 November 2015 - China Everbright Water Limited ("Everbright Water" or "the Company", SGX: U9E) (中国光大水务有限公司), an environmental protection company focuses on investment, operation and management of integrated environmental water business, announced that its Binzhou Boxing Waste Water Treatment Project ("Boxing Project") has confirmed a tariff raise of 17.3% with the approval of Boxing County Government, Binzhou City, Shandong Province. The tariff hike has been effective since July 2015 after the upgrading and expansion works have been completed.

Following the expansion and upgrading of the Boxing Project in October 2014, the daily waste water treatment capacity of the plant reaches 80,000m3. The water discharge will comply with the National Grade 1A standard according to the 'Discharge Standard of Pollutions for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant'.

On the other hand, Zibo Reusable Water Project Phase II has completed construction and commenced operation in September 2015. The total designed daily reusable water supply capacity of Zibo Reusable Water Project Phase I and II reaches 9,600m3. Water in southern suburbs that has been treated through Zibo Waste Water Treatment Project Southern Plant with a water discharge standard of National Grade 1A will be further treated via reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis water is mainly used as boiler feed water for power plants of the Company's customers in the region.

Mr. Wang Tianyi, Chairman of Everbright Water, said, "Shandong Province is one of the Company's key strategic markets and Everbright Water contributes about 20% of the province's total waste water treatment capacity. Boxing Project's expansion and upgrading is one of the key environmental projects of Xiaoqing River in Shandong Province. The expansion and upgrading of Boxing Project will help to improve the local environment, raise the discharge standard of Everbright Water's waste water treatment business, and enhance the business scale and economic returns of the Company's waste water treatment sector."

Mr. Wang continued, "The reusable water project as a kind of resource recycling project has been well-supported by the national's policy. The completion of Zibo Reusable Water Project Phase II expansion will further improve the comprehensive utilisation of water resources. Capitalizing on the low pollution and sustainable application of renewable energy, we will build an environment that promotes harmony between mankind and nature."