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28 Apr 2017

Everbright International Proactively Explores Belt and Road Initiative Opportunities

Bringing in Essence and Reinforcing Strengths

28 April 2017, Nanjing – China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") (HKSE: 00257), in partnership with China Association of Urban Environmental and Zhejiang University, recently launched the Waste-to-energy Research and Technology Council-Asia (WTERT-Asia) Inaugural Meeting in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. Mr. Nickolas Themelis, Chair of WTERT-Global, among other scholars, experts and corporate elites from 15 countries and regions, gathered to share their local experience in the waste-to-energy sector, as well as explore key topics such as waste-to-energy technology, practical experience and opportunities in countries along the Belt and Road route, with the aim of nurturing the long-term development of the waste-to-energy sector in Asia and countries along the Belt and Road route.

In line with China's Belt and Road Initiative, Everbright International has been actively pursuing its "Expanding from Domestic to Overseas Markets" corporate strategy. Over the past year, the Group set up an overseas investment platform, pursuing development with an open mind, and seeking opportunities for mutually-beneficial cooperation and partnerships that deliver win-win outcomes. The efforts delivered some substantive progress. During the year, the Group completed the acquisition of Novago sp. z o.o., a solid waste treatment company in Poland. This project marks the first and the largest acquisition to be made by a Chinese company in the environmental protection industry in Central and Eastern Europe since President Xi Jinping visited Poland in June 2016, during which he identified the environment and alternative energy as key areas that underpin Sino-Polish cooperation. The acquisition provides a solid foundation for the Group to further explore the European market. In addition, Everbright International secured Can Tho Waste-to-energy Project in Vietnam. This was not only the first overseas household waste-to-energy project that the Group has secured through tendering procedures, and would invest in, construct and operate on a Build-Operate-Transfer ("BOT") model, but it has also made it possible for the Group to introduce its environmental technology and core equipment abroad, allowing Everbright International to tap into the solid waste integrated treatment market in Southeast Asia. Moreover, in October 2016, the Group signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Provide Green Finance Support for Ecological Environment Construction with China Development Bank ("CDB"). Pursuant to the agreement, CDB would provide a total of RMB20 billion worth of financial support to Everbright International from 2016 to 2020. The scope of the cooperation covers four major business segments, namely envirotech, environmental energy, environmental water and greentech, as well as covering its overseas businesses that is aligned with development of each business segment and chimes with the national Belt and Road Initiative. This cooperation has been providing strong financial support for Everbright International's new round of sustainable, steady and fast development.

In recent years, Everbright International has been pushing ahead with technology R&D to improve its core technology competence and to integrate international best practices into its technical standards. In 2016, the Group was invited by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe International PPP Centre of Excellence to lead the development of the United Nations' PPP standards on waste-to-energy projects, which will showcase to developing countries and regions, including countries along the Belt and Road route, the Group's successful experience in implementing the public-private-partnership ("PPP") model in the environmental protection industry in developing countries. Everbright International was also invited by Columbia University to collaborate on the development of the World Bank's guidelines for waste-to-energy projects, which shows the level of international recognition the Group's technological prowess has. Its involvement in developing global standards has further strengthened the Group's influence on the global waste-to-energy sector.

Mr. Themelis said at the conference, "Everbright International is a successful example of a company which has shown impressive waste-to-energy technical capabilities and has practical experience within developing countries. The key emission indicators of the Group's waste-to-energy projects are even better than the prevailing international standards. At a time when all nations around the world are faced with the dilemma of 'garbage siege', we believe that the sharing and promotion of mature technology and advanced management experience like those from Everbright International on a wider scale will benefit more countries and regions. Such developments will eventually lead to the synchronous and sustainable development of the global economy and ecology."

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Everbright International, said, "The three-day WTERT-Asia Inaugural Meeting has provided a valuable communication platform for waste-to-energy industry elites, and has allowed for the sharing of numerous innovative ideas that have the potential to stimulate further development of the sector. China has had a considerably positive waste-to-energy experience so far. Everbright International is willing to work closely with our domestic and overseas peers and share China's waste-to-energy technology and management experience with other countries and regions, providing tailored solutions to convert waste into energy."

Mr. Chen Xiaoping added, "With the guidance of the Belt and Road Initiative, Everbright International will continue to strengthen its advantages in waste-to-energy technology, experience and management. With the results of the Group's phased overseas expansion, we will pursue a wider range of opportunities in countries and regions along the Belt and Road route, and actively embrace exploration to gain better experience. We hope to lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of our overseas business, as well as provide long-term support for other countries and areas seeking waste-to-energy solutions and sustainable development."