Corporate Updates
24 Apr 2020

"Everbright International's Battle against COVID-19" Series 10 | Helping Each Other despite Oceans Apart: Everbright International Supports Poland's Battle against COVID-19

Amid the global combat against the COVID-19 outbreak, China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Company"), a world-renowned environmental company, has been doing well in the pandemic control in China, as well as being committed to anti-coronavirus effort in abroad where its projects are located to support the local residents during this challenging period. Recently, the Company has been highly commended by the local governments and people in Poland because it donated urgently-needed anti-coronavirus supplies including masks, forehead thermometers and protective gear sets to several cities in Poland through its Polish firm NOVAGO Sp. Z o.o. ("Novago"), offering substantial support to the local effort in the pandemic control.

(Everbright International donated supplies to Mława, Poland. The third from the left is Mr. Kowalewski, Mayor of Mława)

As the largest independent solid waste treatment enterprise in Poland, Everbright International's overseas project company Novago is headquartered in Mława, while the Company has been keeping a good partnership with the city. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Everbright International has made headway in coronavirus control for its domestic and overseas projects. As the outbreak continues to spread overseas, the Company has paid more heed to the coronavirus control of Novago and Mława.

Over the past two months, the pandemic has been spreading exponentially across many European countries, resulting in shortages of anti-coronavirus supplies in various places in Poland. On 23 March, Mr. Kowalewski, Mayor of Mława, contacted Everbright International, appealing for supplies support. In response to this, Mr. Wang Tianyi, CEO of Everbright International, took serious note of the request and made arrangements immediately, followed by effort made by Hu Yanguo, Deputy General Manager of Everbright International, who took quick actions, allocated resources from various parties, as well as swiftly purchasing, mobilising and delivering pandemic prevention supplies, to support the Polish government and people's combat against COVID-19.

As cross-border transport capacity was insufficient due to limited international flights caused by the pandemic, it became more difficult for Everbright International to transport the supplies. In response, the Company planned and coordinated in a holistic way, where various departments at all levels worked together to accelerate the processing of relevant procedures, follow up flight information closely, as well as speeding up logistics and transportation arrangements. As a result, Everbright International delivered nine batches of pandemic prevention supplies to Poland in a relatively short period of time, including masks, forehead thermometers, protective gear sets and other anti-coronavirus essential items, with a total value of about RMB230,000. Upon the delivery of the supplies, Novago donated 8,000 masks for general protective purposes, 1,500 KN95 masks, 300 protective gear sets and 10 forehead thermometers in one go to Mława, on behalf of Everbright International. This has guaranteed necessary and effective outbreak control in the local areas.

Local governments and the public in Poland were grateful for Everbright International's full support. Mr. Kowalewski, Mayor of Mława, wrote a letter to the Company, saying that the city would always treasure this friendship and that he hopes to further enhance cooperation with Everbright International when the pandemic is over. Everbright International then wrote in reply to Mr. Kowalewski, saying that the Company provide full support for the upcoming pandemic prevention and control work in Mława, to facilitate the city to win the battle against COVID-19.

(The thank you letter from Mr. Kowalewski, Major of Mława)

Everbright International's support was well received by the local communities. Mława Daily published an article titled COVID-19: Protective supplies from China, in which Mr. Kowalewski reviewed Everbright International's active response to his request for support and the Company's effort to overcome various difficulties to support Mława in a comprehensive and timely manner. He also expressed his appreciation to the Company on behalf of the local citizens. As planned, Everbright International will further donate 6,000 masks for general protective purposes, 3,100 KN95 masks, 400 sets of protective gear and 20 forehead thermometers to the cities of Złotów and Żnin.

(Mława's local media coverage on Everbright International's support to the local battle against COVID-19)

While assisting local areas with their outbreak control, Everbright International also made great efforts to protect the environmental health and safety of several Polish cities. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Novago has adopted a two-pronged approach, taking effective preventive measures while ensuring smooth operations. As a result, the company has overcome difficulties, and has maintained safe manufacturing operations in compliance with relevant emission standards, providing waste treatment and environmental management services for residents across several Polish cities.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Following in the words of Mr. Wang Tianyi, Everbright International's support for Polish cities reflected that the Company is actively putting into practice the spirit of President Xi Jinping's important speech delivered at the G20 coronavirus summit, playing its due part with commitment to building a community of a shared future for mankind. As a leading player in the environmental protection industry, Everbright International will continue fulfilling its outbreak control responsibilities and keep in close contact with international partners such as Poland, Germany and Vietnam, in a bid to contribute to the victory over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supplementary information:

As Poland's largest independent solid waste treatment company, NOVAGO Sp. Z o.o. ("Novago") is the first overseas project invested by Everbright International in Poland. The acquisition of Novago was completed on 29 August 2016. As China's largest investment project in Poland so far, Novago is also the largest acquisition made by Chinese companies in the environmental protection industry in Central and Eastern Europe. It was shortlisted as one of the top ten "Belt and Road" PPP demonstration projects by the National Development and Reform Commission.

As one of the few companies that are able to offer diversified waste treatment solutions in Poland, Novago plays a leading role in the mid- and upstream supply chain of the municipal solid waste treatment industry in the country, with a business scope spanning from waste treatment, collection and landfill, methane generation and RDF manufacturing to methane and heat cogeneration. The company now has six technologically-advanced integrated waste processing plants in four provinces across Poland.