News Release
16 Jul 2009

Everbright International Launches Reusable Water Project and Waste Water Source Heat Pump Project

Keeps Contributing To Environmental Protection And Energy Conservation

China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or "the Group") has signed a "Resources Recycling Cooperative Agreement" (《資源再循環合作合同》) with the Zibo Municipal Government in Shandong Province, wherein it is granted the right to develop, invest, construct and operate a waste water source heat pump project and reusable water project that serve the need for providing heating services in cold season and cooling services in hot season and reusable water supply for local enterprises.

Given that reusable water project and waste water source heat pump project are recycling resources projects, Zibo Municipal Government will provide Everbright International favourable policies after taking into consideration the relevant national policies and the actual condition of Zibo City. These include the exemption of the water charge of reusable water for enterprises which produce and utilize reusable water. At the same time, waste water treatment fee will be reduced for enterprises which utilize reusable water pursuant to the "Water Saving Practice in Shandong Province". Everbright International will invest, construct and operate the high standard reusable water project to supply high standard reusable water for the operation of boiler of power plant.

Waste water source heat pump project is a new energy project developed by Everbright International. The technology involves making use of the heat energy in waste water to provide heating and cooling services for buildings in cold and hot seasons respectively. It is efficient and clean to operate giving no emission and using only a small amount of electricity. As the hot and cold seasons do not overlap, the same transmission system can be used throughout the year, meaning investment and maintenance costs can be kept low.

The Group intends to implement the waste water source heat pump project in two phases. Phase one will span 135,000 sq. m. and commands a total investment of approximately RMB30,000,000. The investment and work schedule of Phase two will depend on the subsequent operational status of the Phase one and market conditions. The initial estimated service area of Phase two when fully operational is approximately 1,500,000 sq. m. When completed, it will replace burning of coal in the amount of 17,500 tonnes and reduces discharge of carbon dioxide by 46,342 tonnes, sulphur dioxide by 310 tonnes and dust by 263 tonnes in a year.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, Chief Executive Officer of Everbright International, said, "Developing alternative energy sources has become a national focus of the PRC, and with the strong government support and as related technologies continue to advance, the alternative energy sector has huge room for development. We thank the Zibo Municipal Government for their support and trust. Apart from the waste water treatment plant operating in Zibo city, we will increase investment in the city and help to improve its environment. Capitalizing on the low pollution and sustainable application of alternative energy, we will build an environment that promotes harmony between mankind and nature."