News Release
15 Nov 2009

Everbright International Won Tender for Waste-to-energy Project in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province

Consolidates Leadership in the Environmental Protection Sector

China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or "the Group") announced that Everbright International won the tender for waste-to-energy project in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province ("Suqian Project" or "the Project") which further consolidates the Group's leading position in the environmental protection sector in Jiangsu Province and the PRC.

Suqian Project commands a total investment of approximately RMB324,000,000 and has a designed daily household waste processing capacity of 600 tonnes. It will be operated on BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) basis for 30 years and is expected to commence commercial operation in 2012. The Project will be equipped with two incinerators, each with a processing capacity of 300 tonnes and a 12MW electricity generator.

The Group will be benefited from the strong synergies from coordinated planning and centralized management among Suqian Project and the other waste-to-energy projects of the Group in Suzhou, Yixing, Jiangyin, Changzhou and Zhenjiang in Jiangsu Province. Suqian Project will be constructed by the Group adhering to the principle of aiming for excellence in construction and management to build the Project into a model engineering project in the industry.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, the Chief Executive Officer of Everbright International, said, "Suqian City is among cities in northern Jiangsu Province with the fastest economic growth and potential for further development, and it is also a key area in the investment plan of the Group. Everbright International will insist on "producing quality projects and building quality brand" and learn from the experience of constructing and operating its existing projects so as to guarantee the quality and timing of Suqian Project's construction work, which will in turn boost the brand and influence of the Group as an investor in environmental protection projects in Jiangsu Province and the PRC."