News Release
07 Jun 2010

Suzhou Everbright Veinous Industrial Park Selected as Pilot Park for Sino-Japanese Technology Cooperation

Commences Cooperation and Exchange between Asia's Two Major Economies on Recycling Resources

China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or "the Group") has announced that its environmental protection project, Suzhou Veinous Industrial Park ("Suzhou Industrial Park") has been named as a Model Veinous Ecological Industrial Pilot Park for Sino-Japanese Technology Cooperation by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the PRC.

To further promote the development of recycling resources in China, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) commenced a five-year project with Sino-Japanese Technology Cooperation aimed at promoting a recycling economic segment since 2008. The Ministry of Environmental Protection has designated Suzhou Industrial Park as a pilot project after evaluating by experts from both China and Japan. Suzhou Industrial Park is chosen as the Pilot Park because it can demonstrate veinous and industrial characteristics with satisfactory construction environment as well as promotion and research function. This collaboration kicks off a technology and knowledge exchange between China and Japan in a recycling economy.

In July 2005, Everbright International invested in and began construction of Suzhou Industrial Park which encompasses waste-to-energy and environmental protection businesses. Completed projects to date include Phase I and II of the waste-to-energy project, Phase I and II of the methane-to-energy project, Phase I of Industrial Solid Waste Project and incineration-residues-to-bricks project etc.. Other projects under construction include leachate treatment and leachate methane-to-energy projects; and projects in preparation include sludge treatment, recycling of residue food resources, harmless treatment of medical waste, recycling and harmless treatment of used cars and electronic wastes projects etc.. These projects have gained strong support and recognition from the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Environmental Protection Departments of the Jiangsu Provincial Government and the Suzhou Municipal Government.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, Chief Executive Officer of Everbright International, said, "We are pleased that the Suzhou Industrial Park has been selected as a Sino-Japanese technology cooperative pilot park for recycling. This not only reflects the recognition of the Park's leadership in recycling, but also gives renewed impetus for implementing other environmental protection facilities in the Park. Everbright International intends to focus on projects which are environmentally friendly, with low carbon emissions, while advancing energy conservation and recycling resources. By adhering to our principle of 'implementing projects with one success followed by another', the Group will continue to extend its innovative concept of the environmental protection industrial park to other areas and improve the quality of life in society while promoting sustainable economic development."