News Release
08 Oct 2014

Everbright International Secures the Sales of Environmental Protection Equipment System of Three Projects

8 October 2014, Hong Kong - China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") (SEHK: 00257) is pleased to announce that the Group has recently secured the sales of three environmental protection equipment systems, which accelerates the development of sales to external parties by its equipment manufacturing center and fosters a new growth driver for the Group.

The three projects include the Dafeng Leachate Treatment Project of Jiangsu Yancheng Daji Group ("Dafeng Project"), the Zhaoyuan Leachate Treatment Project of Anhui Shengyun Group ("Zhaoyuan Project"), and the fly ash system upgrade project of Jiangsu Changzhou Environmental Hygiene Multi-waste Treatment Plant ("Changzhou Environmental Hygiene Project").

Dafeng Project is the first EPC project led and implemented by Everbright International Equipment Manufacturing Center for external markets. The project includes the design, procurement, construction, installation, and technical services of the whole leachate treatment system etc. and has a designed daily household waste leachate processing capacity of 200 tonnes, commanding a total investment of approximately RMB11 million. The project is progressing smoothly, and the construction is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

The total investment of Zhaoyuan Project is approximately RMB9.6 million. The project includes providing the whole set of leachate treatment system, technical services, manufacturing and installation etc.. It has a designed daily household waste leachate processing capacity of 120 tonnes. The project is the first strategic cooperation project of Everbright International's equipment manufacturing center.

The total investment of Changzhou Environmental Hygiene Project is approximately RMB4.6 million. The project mainly provides the fly ash treatment system equipment and technical services for Changzhou Environmental Hygiene Multi-waste Treatment Plant.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Everbright International, said, "With the optimization and enhancement of the sales strategy of the Group's environmental equipment manufacturing business sector, the sales to the market has achieved initial success. In addition, with the construction of the Changzhou Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Project Phase II, we are confident that Everbright International will not only meet the group's internal demand of the environmental protection equipment, but also capture the market opportunities in equipment manufacturing business so as to achieve better operational result."