News Release
11 May 2016

Everbright International Provides Daily Disclosure of Emission Standards of Operating Waste-to-energy Projects Ahead of Schedule

Undertaking Social Responsibility to become a Pioneer in Environmental Protection

11 May 2016, Beijing - China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") (HKSE: 00257) is pleased to announce that, as of today, the Group will disclose on a daily basis the emission standards of its operating projects, including the daily average level of online monitored gas emissions, as well as the daily test results of leachate treatment water quality and ignition loss rate of incineration residue of the previous day. This demonstrates Everbright International's ongoing commitment to its social responsibilitiesfollowing the Group's initiative on 13 August last year to disclose its emission data and environmental management information in China.

Representatives from prominent industry associations attended a press conference in Beijing and spoke highly of Everbright International's disclosure system which assessed the Group's environmental impact. The organizations included the All-China Environment Federation, Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences, China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation, Chinese Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association, Branch Association of Renewable Energy of China Electric Power Promotion Council and Branch Association of Electricity Generation of China Association of Circular Economy.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Everbright International, said, "The goal of disclosing information on our projects is to accept public supervision, provide environmental management information across diversified platforms, steadily improve and fine-tune our operation management at the Group level, and continue to lead in promoting information transparency in the industry."

Mr. Chen Xiaoping added, "Currently, environmental protection is a major national strategy and converting waste to energy is the country's primary focus. As the pioneer in China's waste-to-energy sector, Everbright International is committed to the core value of 'An Enterprise is not only the Creator of Wealth, but also the Safeguard of Environmental and Social Responsibility'. Whilst working to protect the environment in China, the Group has launched a number of pioneer projects that operate above the EU 2010 Standard*, achieve a dioxin emission limit of nearly zero and operate according to global standards."

Currently, Everbright International has 22 waste-to-energy projects that have already completed construction and commenced operation. From 11 May 2016, at 5pm every day, the Group will disclose the emission standards of its operating waste-to-energy projects for the previous day on the environment management page of the Group's official website ( The disclosed indicators include the daily average level of online monitored gas emissions, the test results of leachate treatment water quality and ignition loss rate of incineration residue, environmental impact assessment documents, dioxin testing results, the test results of chelated fly ash and its ultimate treatment method, and a list of third-party test institutions for incineration residue and fly ash testing. After 11 May, the Group also plans to increase the frequency of dioxin testing again to no less than four times per year.

Open and transparent disclosure of environmental management information has always been an important part of Everbright International's development. The Group started its "four steps" plan (the "Plan") on environmental assessment information disclosure in 2015. On 13 August last year, the Group took the lead in disclosing the emission standards and environmental management information of all its operating waste-to-energy projects. By 10 September, the Group reached the second step of the Plan, which was to disclose the test results of its operating projects' monthly average emission levels.

Waste-to-energy, which is considered a type of clean energy, strongly supports environmental protection and sustainable development. The waste-to-energy sector overall still lacks an active information disclosure system, and often, the general public does not have access to comprehensive information about the industry. However, now, Everbright International discloses ahead of schedule the test results of the daily average emission levels of its operating projects, which marks the third step in the Group's Plan, making it a role model within the industry in terms of information disclosure.

Mr. Chen Xiaoping said, "According to our target, Everbright International will disclose online the hourly average gas emission levels of its operating projects from 1 January 2017. For the next step of our Plan, the Group will open its operating projects to the public during the first weekend of each month, starting from June this year. The general public will be able to make reservations to visit the plants by phone or by email. We will also arrange for employees at each project to answer visitors' questions related to the waste-to-energy sector. Through this initiative, Everbright International aims to set an example and promote the level of information disclosure within the industry, as well as join hands with the public to help develop ecological awareness."

*Pursuant to Rule 81 of the Directive 2010/75/EU (EU 2010 Standard), the former Directive 2000/76/EU (EU 2000 Standard) has been abolished. The EU 2010 Standard exerts a more stringent and comprehensive standard for the pollution discharge of industries, including waste incineration, by amending some clauses and appendices of the previous version. However, the ceiling values of both the gas emission and the ignition loss rate of incineration residue remain the same as stated in the EU 2000 Standard, , which Everbright International is continuing to comply with.