News Release
14 Nov 2018

Everbright Greentech Secures Two Integrated Biomass Utilisation Projects

14 November 2018, Hong Kong – China Everbright Greentech Limited ("Everbright Greentech" or the "Company") (HKSE: 01257) is pleased to announce that the Company has recently secured Anhui Yongqiao Biomass Electricity and Heat Cogeneration Project ("Yongqiao Project") and Shaanxi Dali Integrated Biomass and Waste-to-energy Project ("Dali Project") (Waste-to-Energy), with a total investment of approximately RMB758 million. In the meantime, the Company has also signed an investment and cooperation framework agreement regarding Dali Project (Biomass).

Yongqiao Project commands an investment of approximately RMB472 million, with a designed annual biomass material processing capacity of 300,000 tonnes. The project will be invested in and constructed based on a BOO (Build-Operate-Own) model, with a concession period of no less than 30 years. It is expected to generate approximately 190,000,000 kWh of green electricity annually, and to supply over 300,000 tonnes of steam to the Suzhou Development Zone and the Circular Industrial Park of Yongqiao District, which would effectively satisfy the urgent demands for steam supply from the industrial park and further facilitate the local economic development.

Dali Project (Waste-to-Energy), which commands an investment of approximately RMB286 million, has a designed daily household waste processing capacity of 400 tonnes. It is expected to generate approximately 65,000,000 kWh of green electricity annually. The project will be invested in and constructed based on a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model, with a concession period of no less than 30 years. Its gas emissions will fully comply with relevant national standards, with the daily average level of online monitored gas emissions superior to the Euro 2010 Standard. As Everbright Greentech's first project in the environmental protection sector of Shaanxi Province, Dali Project (Waste-to-Energy) will be constructed in conjunction with Dali Project (Biomass) so that the Company would develop both projects into an urban-rural integration project that could create more environmental and economic benefits.

"Breakthrough" is the keyword for Everbright Greentech's development in 2018, as the Company has not only gradually forayed into new business areas, but has also secured the first projects in six provinces respectively in succession. This helped the Company to expand its environmental business footprint to 15 provinces and municipalities, further strengthening its position in the industry. Looking forward, Everbright Greentech will continue adhering to the construction and operation philosophy of "Pursuing Excellence and Close to Zero Discharge" and ensure that each of its projects is technologically advanced and strictly complies with relevant emission standards, in an effort to contribute to the ecological and environmental protection of places where its projects are located.