News Release
17 Dec 2018

Everbright International Secures Haiyan Fly Ash Landfill Project in Zhejiang Province

17 December 2018, Hong Kong - China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Group") (HKSE: 00257) is pleased to announce that the Group has recently secured Zhejiang Haiyan Fly Ash Landfill Project ("Haiyan Fly Ash Landfill Project" or the "Project"), with a total investment of approximately RMB85 million. The Project will be responsible for safe disposal of fly ash generated from Haiyan Waste-to-energy Project of the Group.

Haiyan Fly Ash Landfill Project will be invested in and constructed on a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) model for a concession period of 20 years (construction period inclusive). The Project has a designed storage capacity of 221,000 m3, which will use a flexible landfill liner with an upper steel structural frame. It is set to commence operation in tandem with Haiyan Waste-to-energy Project.

Fly ash generated from Haiyan Waste-to-energy Project will be stabilised and solidified by a combination of cement and other chelating agents. After passing relevant tests and fulfilling required disposal standards, the stabilised fly ash will be transferred to Haiyan Fly Ash Landfill Project for safe landfill disposal.

Mr. Wang Tianyi, CEO of Everbright International, said, "Haiyan Fly Ash Landfill Project is an important sub-project of the Group’s Haiyan Waste-to-energy Project. Upon completion of construction works, the Project will form a synergy with Haiyan Waste-to-energy Project, operating together to provide highly efficient services to facilitate the development of the local circular economy. As always, Everbright International will continue pursuing high standards and high quality in its project design, operation and management, with an aim to develop the Project into a demonstration fly ash landfill project in China’s eastern region. By assisting Haiyan County to achieve the harmless treatment, reduction and reuse of household waste, the Project targets to facilitate Haiyan County’s sustainable development in the long run."