News Release
13 Dec 2019

Everbright International's Greenery Sector Secures First Project
Everbright International CEO Wang Tianyi Attends Project Signing Ceremony and Meets Secretary of Rizhao Municipal Party Committee Qi Jiabin

On 11 December 2019, China Everbright International Limited ("Everbright International" or the "Company") entered into a strategic agreement with Rizhao Municipal Government of Shandong Province ("Rizhao government") regarding a streetlight upgrading project based on an energy management contract ("EMC") model. This marks the first project secured by the Greenergy sector of the Company. Mr. Wang Tianyi, CEO of Everbright International, and Qi Jiabin, Secretary of Rizhao Municipal Party Committee, attended the project signing ceremony, followed by a meeting between the Company and the Rizhao government. The meeting was witnessed by Ma Xianxia, Member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of the CPC Rizhao Municipal Committee, and Zheng Deqing, Deputy Mayor of Rizhao People’s Government.

Mr. Wang Tianyi said that he was impressed by the tremendous changes in the urban development of Rizhao City after he visited the city three times in 2019. In the meantime, as a long-term reliable strategic partner of Rizhao, Everbright International has achieved rapid business development in recent years. The Company has more than 380 projects across China that command a total investment exceeding RMB100 billion. With over 10,000 staff, Everbright International has become the largest environmental protection company in China as well as a world-renowned ecological and environmental management group. The Company has been ranked the top for eight consecutive years in the ranking for the most influential solid waste companies in China and for the Top 50 Chinese Environmental Protection Enterprises in 2019 by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, included as a constituent member of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for four consecutive years, as well as being granted various accolades including the Most Honored Company in Asia, Advanced Group on Ecological Civilization in China, and one of the Top Ten Case Studies on Public Participation 2019.

Mr. Wang Tianyi expressed his gratitude to the Rizhao Municipal Party Committee and Rizhao government for their support to Everbright International over the years. He said that Rizhao is a prosperous city that nurtures talents and has achieved remarkable development in recent years. Starting from the collaboration in the field of environmental protection between Everbright International and Rizhao in 2014, both parties have been working with each other closely and smoothly and have built a solid foundation for further cooperation. Securing of the streetlight upgrading project based on the EMC model is the first project secured by the Company’s Greenergy sector since the establishment of the sector. It also marks the first attempt in adopting the EMC model for collaboration with the local government, which is of great significance. Everbright International will fully unleash its financial and brand advantages, and leverage its excellent technology and products to complete the streetlight upgrading project in Rizhao, with an aim of developing the project into a good demonstration in terms of conserving energy and resources, benefiting the local communities, and gaining support from the local residents.

Mr. Qi Jiabin said that Everbright International has become a world-leading environmental protection enterprise with the largest business scale in China and top quality in more than a decade. While solidifying the traditional business areas in the environmental protection industry, the Company adheres to the "technology-driven" development approach and pursues constant innovation, which is invaluable. The launch of the street lighting upgrading project in Rizhao City reflects trust and support between Everbright International and the city. Rizhao Municipal Government will strive to facilitate the project development and work with Everbright International to develop a benchmark project. Building on the existing cooperation in the areas of waste-to-energy and waste water treatment, Rizhao City is willing to further explore cooperation opportunities with Everbright International in new business fields, such as resource utilisation, in the future, in order to foster the strategic partnership between the two parties to a new level.

Mr. Wang Tianyi and Mr. Qi Jiabin witnessed the project signing ceremony. Pursuant to the project agreement, approximately 13,000 street lights in Rizhao City will be upgraded to conserve more energy. Everbright Brilliant, a subsidiary of the Company, will be responsible for investing in and developing the project. After the project is completed, the energy consumption of streetlight is expected to be reduced by more than 45%. The local government will be able to share the profit generated from the budget saved from energy conservation and does not need to make any investment in the project.

Securing of the project marks Everbright International’s new move in business development and a new approach for the Company to serve the interests of the society. Going forward, Everbright International will continue adhering to its corporate mission of being "Devoted to Ecology and Environment for a Beautiful China", as well as remaining committed to a greater development aspiration that integrates the areas of environment, resources and energy. It aims to establish a golden brand by running a green business, and strives to become a world-leading ecological and environmental protection group.

Background information

Rizhao City is a prefecture-level city in Shandong Province. Located on the coastline along the Yellow Sea, Rizhao is an important part of the Shandong Peninsula Urban Agglomeration and the "Blue Economic Zone" on the Shandong Peninsula. The city has a comprehensive traffic network and advantages as a prominent port city. As a time-honored city with rich culture and distinctive marine features, Rizhao was named after being a place where the sun always pours out brilliant dawn light. It is famous for the "blue sky, blue sea, and golden beaches", with unique ecological advantages. In 2009, the city was awarded the UN-Habitat Scroll of Honour Award for its outstanding habitat and ecological environment planning.

Since entering into the agreement on the first environmental protection project in 2013, Everbright International and Rizhao have been collaborating in many environmental protection fields, such as waste-to-energy, waste water treatment, hazardous and solid waste treatment and energy-saving lighting. The collaboration includes three waste-to-energy projects, five waste water treatment projects, a hazardous and solid waste treatment project and a project based on the EMC model, all of which command a total investment exceeding RMB1.5 billion. These projects are dedicated to constantly supporting the ecological and environmental protection, as well as ecological progress, in Rizhao City.